Is ELI real Artificial Intelligence?

After trying dozens of off-the-shelf tools, ThroughPut built its own in-house AI-platform. ELI achieves results using a combination of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. There’s more to ELI that we can’t share here, but we’re happy to answer your emails about what’s going on “under the hood.”

How does ELI make recommendations?

ELI makes algorithms by thinking like a process engineer, operations manager, management consultant, accountant and everything in between. ELI thinks in terms of waste, and how to reduce waste. ELI crawls your data, deploys a wide range of efficiency-boosting mathematical models and then uses machine learning to discover the solutions that will help your data fit the model. This helps ELI give you both quantitative and qualitative recommendations so you have an action plan to tackle your issues

How do I know ELI is accurate?

ELI was built with over ten thousand hours of active development, feedback from hundreds of users, and programming input from some of the brightest minds out there. But we encourage you to check our work. You can take your before and after data from a past project and use ELI to model it. ELI will predict your past outcomes, and you might even learn a thing or two about how that project could have gone.

Can ThroughPut Help Small Businesses?

Yes! In fact, small businesses often have more volatile throughput than more established ones. That means that working with ThroughPut to solve those volatilities will help you much more dramatically. We know that small businesses need to make every dollar count, and that’s exactly what we do.

Can ThroughPut Help Enterprises?

Want to dictate your fate on Wall-Street? ThroughPut can teach your ERP system to think for itself, to look across the whole business ecosystem and make reallocations in real time. Let’s just say we want Michael Lewis to write about us someday.

Can ThroughPut Help Consultants?

Absolutely. ELI is an ideal “problem discovery” machine. Finding a critical problem that can be demonstrated clearly with data is a huge, time-saving step that practically guarantees your retainer.

What Integrations can ELI use?

Everything from Excel to ERPs. Analytics is a game of rows and columns as we say. Currently we have integrations figured out for both industry-standard and custom ERPs. Please e-mail us to find out more.

Is ThroughPut Cloud Based and is it safe?


Do you offer on-premise solutions?


Can you see my data?

No. We can only track how long someone is using our platform.

Where can I read more in detail?

Please review our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Agreements. ThroughPut highlights more in detail

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