Predictive Replenishment for Complex Supply Chains

Realize Greater Output and Free Cash Flow

Resilient Supply Chains that Unify
the Shop Floor + Top Floor

Your Supply Chain operations can result in a convoluted maze of divergent functions which may never sync. While one function could be a profit centre somewhere, the same can turn into a cost churner for another department. Holistic view of dependencies between different areas of the business is essential.

We give you the timely insights which can help gain prompt, in-depth and accurate visibility across the value stream for faster material movement without any manual effort.

Reboot, Rebuild and Reset Business Strategies for Resilient Supply Chains

ThroughPut gives you a holistic view across your Upstream and Downstream operations to drive key decisions faster for optimum output and business performance along with a smooth flow of materials, processes, people and information.

Demand Sensing

Accurately Forecast for Downstream and Upstream Supply Plans

Rapidly analyze & correlate demand based insights to optimize product-mix.

Identify & expose patterns across future events such as store openings and promotions and quickly predict demand trends.
Capacity Management

Prepare to Scale Your Business with Smart Supply Chain Insights

Easily navigate through your supply chain networks with a centralized performance cockpit.

Trace the impact of improvement in one area all the way through the value chain, down to financials.
Logistics Management

Navigate Through Uncertainties with the Power of AI

Drastically limit the freight amount to meet daily demand by easily visualizing the flow of a particular SKU or entire inventory flow through the system.

Accurately review impact of logistics performance on OTIF along with a graphical view of Received/Delivered/Sold aggregate volume.
Finance Management

Hedge Financial Risks with Rapid Response

Instantly assess financial health of the business and identify where cash can be freed up and repurposed for productive financial growth.

Easily quantify global ROI from local improvement actions across your end-to-end operations.
Constraint Management

Eliminate Bottlenecks to Mitigate Potential Risks

Quickly prioritize critical processes to meet demand at service levels and streamline operations for higher output through focused kaizen initiatives.

Identify improvement opportunities in misaligned supply networks to meet expanding capacity requirements.

Most Supply Chains are constrained by Siloed focus on Upstream and Downstream Operations

Modern supply chains are no longer limited to a handful of suppliers confined to a one-room warehouse.

Over the years, conventional supply chains have evolved into complex systems, creating multi-tiered, chaotic and disparate functions with disintegrated Upstream and Downstream activities.

To succeed in the new normal, leadership teams need deep-rooted visibility and holistic system optimization of available people, assets, complex material and cash flow dependencies.

ThroughPut unlocks operations agility and efficiency, to meet unpredictable customer demands, while creating uninterrupted flow of materials through supply chain networks.
  • Bottleneck-Centric


  • AI-Driven


  • Cash Flow-Focused

With ThroughPut, you get a single source of truth to take accurate, data-driven decisions and drive sustainable growth and profitability.

ThroughPut is a top rated Supply Chain Planning Solution recognized by industry experts globally.

We are rated as one of the best Supply Chain Planning Software providers in the Retail, Building Materials, Food & Beverage and Automotive industries.

5-30 Days

Implementation cycle to value



Processes Optimized Worldwide



Faster Go-to Market Insights

Our Success Stories


Dr. Takao Sakai
Lean Management Expert

“We can now democratize Just-In-Time to be available at unprecedented scale to all Kaizen professionals and related areas such as Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma. ELI is Kaizen-for-the-people, helping everyday workers, factory line managers, process engineers, data analysts, financial officers and company executives run smoother, less stressful, zero-waste operations.”

Dr. Alan Barnard
Decision Scientist & Theory of Constraints (TOC)

“At a time when data-driven decision making is no longer a choice, but a necessity for survival and growth, a product like ELI offers operations managers a step-change in the speed and quality of decision making for identifying and eliminating supply chain and process bottlenecks.”

Dr. Hagen Hultzsch
Ex-CIO & Executive Director of Volkswagen AG

"ThroughPut's platform, ELI, lets businesses use their multiple datasets in any format and gain instant insights through their powerful AI engines to the areas that cause bottlenecks across their entire supply chain, opening up vast possibilities in end-to-end visibility for the enterprise."

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ThroughPut for everyone!

Make your work life more productive, your revenue targets more achievable and your operations workflow less cluttered.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Accelerate Decision Making with Real-Time Demand & Supply Insights

  • Integrate AI solutions to manage the wider supply value chain.
  • Execute agile business models to overcome supply chain process challenges.
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Head of Demand Planning

Automate Demand Planning to Boost Productivity

  • Make accurate decisions by maximizing the value of available data with AI-driven forecasting.
  • Overcome operational slowdowns with minimal risk to meet demand/ supply.
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Head of Logistics

Eliminate Unforeseen Bottlenecks and Abnormalities to Cut Down Costs Along the Logistics Value Chain

  • Apply intelligent decision-making with optimized fleet tracking.
  • Deploy actionable insights to detect patterns and quantify tradeoffs at a scale.
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Drive Sweeping Business Transformation Initiatives with Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Accelerate profit-margins with an end-to-end structured and uninterrupted supply chain.
  • Define, fine tune and align your supply chain strategy with organizational plans to deliver maximum business benefits.
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Supply Chain Manager

Sprint with End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility & Transparency

  • Improve customer-service, reduce costs and mitigate supply flow interruptions with real-time data enabled visibility.
  • Uncover hidden savings opportunities with holistic visibility across inventory, processes and transactions.
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Demand Planners

Raise Demand Forecasting Accuracy for Robust Demand Planning

  • Robust forecasting with forward-looking accurate data aligned with the demand plan.
  • Leverage AI-driven operational insights for reduced risks and greater efficiencies.
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Logistics Managers

Amplify Fleet and Carrier Strategies Across Consignments

  • Reduce transportation and warehouse costs with smarter supply chain driven intelligence.
  • Streamline supplier and partner relationships for better logistics performance and output.
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S&Op Managers

Aggregate Key S&OP Information and Generate Actionable Insights

  • Work with a single-source of truth and reduce project implementation cycles.
  • Intelligently explore what-if scenarios to prepare for unexpected roadblocks.
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Process Steps Optimized Worldwide for Leading Global Corporations

Breakthrough the bottlenecks that limit unprecedented output, productivity, and growth, leveraging your own data with ThroughPut’s AI-enabled supply chain planning software