Our Story

Our Beginnings

From solving engineering bottleneck homework problems to preventing bottlenecks in multi-million dollar war zone industrial operations.

In 2009, in his University of Pennsylvania Chemical Engineering Senior Design Class, the founder first stumbled across a few homework problems focused around bottlenecks. It was here that the founder first discovered how solving bottlenecks were far more valuable than optimizing already stable systems. Bottlenecks shifted constantly. Fixing bottlenecks created continuous value, while optimizing isolated problems created only incremental gains. Bottlenecks occurred everywhere, from the founder’s biotech lab science experiments to driving through Philadelphia rush hour traffic.

After improving vaccination schedule processes for GlaxoSmithKline, teaching senior process design as an assistant, and graduating from Chemical Biomolecular Engineering grad school, the founder worked in oilfield services management at Schlumberger.

At Schlumberger, the founder gained additional exposure to onshore and offshore supply chain management in the United States, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bahrain, and Yemen. Everything from working on ships for months to operating in war zones. The founder eventually was promoted to manage tens of millions of dollars of assets and inventory. His full-time responsibility was to ensure bottlenecks were addressed in real-time. The founder’s operational strengths resulted in many multi-million dollar pioneering projects being executed without down-time, with millions of dollars in cost savings for the company and their customers.

After becoming one of the company’s youngest geomarket field services manager, the founder decided to leave and spend more time at home in Allentown, Pennsylvania with family. While fixing a motor in his garage and waiting for a part delivery for 3 days, it was here that bottleneck problem became more than task. It became a mission.

In 2015, Ali realized that through software, bottleneck resolutions could be universally accessible and helpful to everyone from his local dentist to the world’s biggest corporations.

Along the way, ThroughPut was born. Since then, the company has been through multiple globally-recognized accelerators and won numerous awards for developing their money-saving artificial intelligence system, ELI. ELI currently services paying customers in technology manufacturing and industrial goods transportation markets. Companies from 26 different countries have reached out to ThroughPut for data analysis recommendations and a willingness to explore the ELI platform.

Want to see how ThroughPut has gotten where it is today? Read on below.

Customer Discovery

Getting feedback from top industry leaders

In early 2016, the founder began doing deep customer discovery in several American & global industrial cities, primarily Houston, TX. Interviews were completed with over 2000 Fortune 500 C-Level Executives, Operations Managers,  Process Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Financial Controllers, Data Scientists, Business Owners and Management Consultants from over 500 companies.

It was soon discovered that the majority of  interviewees were spending 70% of their time analyzing data, and staring at pie charts and line graphs all day trying to prioritize their tasks. This was a problem that was consistent across almost every industry, with different issues prioritizing tasks. Even more importantly, data analysis was keeping people from doing their actual job responsibilities.

Additionally, no bottleneck system explained how to actually solve the bottleneck once it was found. You would have to reach out to someone more experienced.

More than 50  Continuous Improvement texts and Process Engineering manuals were reviewed to find answers. Leading supply chain experts were contacted to learn more about why professionals couldn’t spend more time creating value for their companies and less time doing data crunching.

It was in August 2016, after reading “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt, the solution became obvious. The perfect system needed to identify the biggest bottlenecks, prioritize concerns, and continuously measure improvement performance to improve overall business throughput. The companies needed a bottleneck management system that could allow for long-term strategy storage & automation, where users could essentially crowdsource their own solutions for future retrieval.

Thus, ThroughPut was born to help businesses be less wasteful in early 2017.
FedEx-backed EPICenter Logistics provided the first outside check into the company. ThroughPut moved to Memphis. Shortly after, the founder of Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Ventures (early supporters of PayPal, DropBox, LendingClub, and Google)  Saeed Amidi wrote the second check to move the company to Silicon Valley.

After meeting various global supply chain managers and C-Suite executives, ThroughPut realized many supply chains needed a better alternative to demand forecasting, which turned out to be bottleneck detection. The platform was then centered around the founder’s Process Engineering background. A key insight occurred that time-stamped data could be utilized to generate unique recommendations. An automated analysis platform was built to help process optimization managers at world’s leading supply chains, save time, money, and bottlenecks problems.

ThroughPut today has paying customers with on-going work at some of the world’s most recognized brand names.

A Visionary Mindset

Eliminate the world’s industrial bottlenecks, save trillions of dollars

Back in 2015, Ali was in his backyard when one of the machine tools he was using broke down. He went to the garage to find a replacement, only to realize he would need to order a part that would take weeks to deliver.

It suddenly occurred to him that this wasn’t a problem that occurred just in his own backyard. This was a problem that occurred even back when he worked in industrial field logistics & operations. While in this case it would cause him a bit of inconvenience and no more than 50 dollars, this scenario back in the industry could have had multi-million dollar consequences. In a healthcare emergency, a traffic bottleneck could be the difference between life or death for an ambulance carrying a patient.

Bottlenecks mattered.

Ali spent the next few years talking to friends, experts, companies, and many process management experts to see if there was a way to standardize managing bottlenecks. What started as a 50 dollar personal problem in his garage scaled to 40 trillion dollar production problem for the world’s process engineers to resolve.

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