Our fully automated, industry-grade software eliminates blockages along your entire supply chain cycle, making way for truly unprecedented productivity and outcomes.

ELI can pick from dozens of methodologies and previous industrial knowledge to make recommendations that fit. ELI can automatically cleanse your data and instantly provide recommendations, automatically completing continuous improvement data analysis 600x faster for production strategy and management experts for implementation.

ELI loves crunching multi-variable problems and running analysis across dimensions. ELI keeps the analysis simple by communicating in time, money, and quantity savings. ELI is the perfect tool to help you be less wasteful today.


The Challenge

Unpredictable and seemingly unresolvable industrial bottlenecks account for trillions of dollars in lost productivity annually. In fact, an alarming 95% of unresolved production issues are triggered by bottlenecks. However, despite the advent of the IoT and the increasing accessibility of data science-backed, AI-powered solutions, a large number of organizations still follow obsolete, manual, and reactive approaches to identifying and prioritizing resolutions – which leads to further loss of precious time.

  • Automate Process Engineering

  • Automates Real-Time Decision-Making

  • Minimizes the $10 Trillion in Industrial Process Waste

    i.e. $1 Trillion in industrial inventory waste alone


The Throughput Solution

Throughput’s proprietary platform, ELI, aims to rectify just this challenge. Our rapid, fully automated digital discovery and prioritization of bottlenecks – which leverages powerful algorithms and the latest industrial best practices – is 600 times faster than traditional processes, and offers real-time prescriptive fixes to ensure glitch-free production.

All ELI requires is time-stamped data…our AI engine takes care of the rest. Whether you’re looking to reduce cycle time, avoid machine failure, or optimize inventory, ELI knows just what to pull up and find fixes for.

Collecting and Preparing Data

ELI reads data through uploaded files or API integration, and quickly scans for patterns.

Analyzing Visualizations Automatically

Patterns and trends in the data are reorganized as critical and non-critical bottlenecks with real-time ranking for task prioritization and supplemented with charts and visuals
to differentiate value over business intelligence tools.

Highlight Abnormal Behavior

ELI roots out areas of concern, volatilities, and inefficiencies by scanning the data and applying a wide range of process-enhancing methodologies.

Simulate Savings Over Time

Users on the Throughput platform can see exactly how much they can save or gain by changing the variables that ELI has highlighted.


The Result

ELI’s prescriptions help reduce:

  • Lead time unpredictability

  • Inventory Costs

  • Maintenance frequency


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