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After interning in the pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce startup world,  Ali graduates from the University of Pennsylvania with Bachelors & Masters degress in Chemical Engineering. While there, he teaches engineering seniors how to eliminate bottlenecks.  Instead of continuing cancer research, he chooses to work for the world's leading oilfield services company to contribute to the American Shale Frac Boom in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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Khizer leaves building robots at the Engineering Labs of Penn  with degrees in Economics, Mechanical Engineering, and Advanced Robotics. After an internship at Toyota, Khizer decides to follow Ali into the oilfield where the hardware application opportunities are wide open.


Ali makes history in Shale Gas Fracturing and leads the world's first team to successfully hydraulic fracture an offshore source rock. His team becomes responsible for Dubai's biggest oil producing well. Overtime, he generates over 100 MM USD+ on involved projects for the company. Additionally, he saves companies & clients millions on service quality by having almost zero downtime .


At the age of 26, Ali becomes the company's youngest geomarket hydraulic fracturing manager. In Houston, Khizer's manager realizes he has a "Ferrari going at 60", and positions Khizer to eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating manufacturing processes.  Then, the Oil & Gas industry downturn begins. Ali sees thousands being laid off due to poor cost management even though his teams are still pushing through sales successfully, and maintaining profits. Khizer becomes a LEAN expert.


After leaving the company being tired of worrying about assets in Yemen 24/7, Ali returns home to  Allentown, PA. 

While in the garage fixing a motor that unexpectedly broke down, he realizes he is missing a part, and has to wait 3 days on delivery to recommence work again. He remembers how in the oilfield, 3  days would have resulted in millions of dollars of damages and sleepless nights. And then it hits him: this unpredictable problem happens every day at every scale. There are limited predictive solutions with the ability to avoid out-of-stock situations, or at least allow people to be more proactive about parts. 

RigBasket is born with the vision of helping organizations bring control to working capital without jeopardizing operations or downturn employment.

Q1 2016

Ali creates the RigBasket inventory marketplace for equipment sharing in the oilfield. Unfortunately, the market does not look favorably upon an open marketplace concept.
RigBasket moves to Houston to apply for SURGE Ventures. Unable to join the accelerator, Ali moves operations to the small co-working startup Station Houston.

Q2 2016

RigBasket comes out with the initial analytics engine to test the market. Market response is favorable this time. The RigBasket team figures out the best approach is via an analytics platform. 
RigBasket is selected for Collision Alpha 2016 and Microsoft BizSpark programs. RigBasket makes final rounds at the Alchemist and TechStars IoT accelerators. RigBasket starts generating revenue.

Q3 2016

Khizer joins RigBasket as CTO and starts new product development. RigBasket comes out with its descriptive and predictive analytics MVP. Market feedback on the product is positive, but surprisingly from outside of oil & gas.
RigBasket realizes there's opportunities in the global supply chain market and discovers ways to improve supply chain using big data analytics. 
RigBasket selected for IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program.

Q4 2016

Khizer moves to Dubai to test out emerging markets as an area for growth.

RigBasket nominated as Top 5 Startups Techweek Dallas and Top 10 startups at Startup Grind Global Conference 2017.

RigBasket team realizes that oil & gas has the biggest current need but also has the longest sales cycles.

Throughput, Inc is born with the goal of helping anyone in a supply chain role utilize the tools to become a full fledged analyst.    RigBasket starts transitioning to Throughput to become a disruptor in a 5 BN USD niche market, servicing a 40 TR USD industry.
Founder, Accelerator
Upper Executive at IAC
Ali and Khizer are brilliant entrepreneurs who are solving a very thorny, large problem: how to help companies materially improve their cash flow and earnings by leveraging the power of more predictive inventory management. They personally experienced this issue while working as engineers at Schlumberger and have the talent and vision to execute at scale. Easy to work with, thoughtful, and driven are three words I'd use to describe this team. I've watched their service evolve over the past 8 months and have watched the product evolve to serve at scale.
Top Operational Consulting Firm
Wow!Wow!Wow! You guys are gonna put so many consultants out of business.

Our Team

Ali Hasan Raza

Co-Founder & CEO

Schlumberger, Tapinko, GlaxoSmithKline


Expertise: Operations Management, Chemical Process Engineering

Khizer Hayat

Co-Founder & CTO

Schlumberger, Toyota


Expertise: Automation, Lean Six Sigma, Manufacturing Management

Tina Choi

Design, UI/UX & Visualization

Schlumberger, Corning, Morton Salt


Expertise: Root Cause Analysis, Process Engineering, Lean Six Sigma

Our Partners & Investors

Q1 2017

ThroughPut (formerly known as RigBasket) is selected as one of the Top 10 Global Startups at the Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley. The pool included over 6000 startups from 80 different countries and 200 different cities. 

ThroughPut comes up with MVP 2.0 and focuses efforts on the Logistics market due to strong interest from the Middle East Logistics sector. During this time ThroughPut is also featured in the media including Logistics News ME, Arabian Supply Chain, ConstructionWeek Online and Entrepreneur Magazine ME.

Q2 2017

ThroughPut is selected to participate in FedEx sponsored EPIcenter Logistics accelerator program in Memphis, TN as well as funded by Innova and Vibrant Memphis. ThroughPut is also selected to participate in Plug & Play Ventures (Top 10 Global Accelerators and most active VC in Silicon Valley 2016) inaugural Supply Chain & Logistics Cohort. Plug & Play Ventures also decide to invest in ThroughPut.

ThroughPut MVP 3.0 Problem Discovery platform released to the customers for trial.

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