The Top Five Technological Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Monday 10th December 2018


Bhaskar Ballapragada Chief Technology Architect @ThroughPut Inc

No matter the ‘type’, ‘size’ or ‘revenue’ of your organization, technology has become an indispensable part of successful operations. Companies that ride the wave of technology are visibly at a greater advantage than the those that are not.

Clearly, the question is no more about ‘should you’ or ‘should you not’, it is about ‘how’ effectively you can tap into the power of the rapidly evolving technology by choosing the right solutions from the millions that are flooding the marketplace.

So, for businesses that are looking at getting their technology game right in 2019, here are five trends that you shouldn’t miss.


1. Democratization of AI:

Finally, the fog of misconceptions surrounding AI is dissipating away. What began as an ambitious mission in 2018, to take AI from the ivory towers and make it accessible to one and all, will gain further momentum in 2019. Majority of the businesses will begin to see the potential in AI, pushing it from the realms of hype to reality, from being just an idea to an executable strategy and from being a complex, data scientist-driven technology to one that can be operated and understood by the masses.

This also means,

–   Open source framework will, going forward, enable smarter small and medium-sized organizations to learn, build on and use AI techniques.

–   The number of AI-based platforms and products in the market will grow exponentially; with the technological strategy of the organization serving as the fine point in choosing its preferred AI partners.



2. Augmented Reality:

AR is poised to go mainstream in 2019 as industries other than gaming and entertainment takes note of its potential. IKEA, for instance, already uses AR to show its potential customers how pieces of furniture might look in their homes. 

ThroughPut Inc 2019 Technology Predictions - Augmented Reality

Surprisingly, AR will also see widespread adoption in the government/federal, utility, OEM, and other related sectors.

In industries that deploy complex equipment and is currently dependent on an aging workforce to operate them, AR will serve as a seamless platform for knowledge transfer from the older to the newer workforce.




3. Digitization:

An otherwise difficult and expensive activity with high failure rates, digital transformation will continue to stay in the limelight as organizations learn from collective past mistakes and start leveraging digitization to stay relevant, more than outperform.

Fragmented and piecemeal efforts from the past years will make way for more integrated digital initiatives to deliver on consistency, shared planning, and economies of scale.






4. Data:

While the organizations that were more distant from technology are grappling with amassing enough data to leverage AI and machine learning, the others have gone from limited data to producing trillions of data in no time.

The year 2019 will, however, see the meaningfulness of this data being questioned, urging organizations to shift their focus from quantity to quality of the data.





5. Cloud:

Hybrid model will take over in 2019 with organizations preferring a combination of cloud and on-premise setting. However, it is advised that organizations first identify their unique requirements and then make a move towards the most compatible model. 

Additionally, the focus on security will be at its pinnacle as organizations come to terms with GDPR. Understandably, the business world might also witness more stringent security-related regulations in the coming year.

Written By

Bhaskar Ballapragada

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