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The COVID-19 outbreak has considerably slowed down the pace of construction activities in most countries. As a result, the cement and lime production industry has seen unpredictable spikes and dips in demand for its products, leading to over and under capacity.

In this context, the client wanted to strengthen their sustainability efforts and competitiveness to ensure they can continue producing as per capacity thresholds and demand levels.

3 Major Challenges faced by the Lime Manufacturer

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Identify Accurate Savings and ROI Driven Opportunities

Narrow down specific avenues of savings and areas that need improvement to determine the actual ROI from these identified revenue savings.
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Streamline Product Material Flow and Profitability Streams

Pin down the On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) underperformers, especially those which were below the defined threshold.
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Identify Core Financial Impact of Operations Budget

Get a Headstart for your Building Materials & Cement Business with our AI-powered Supply Chain Solution.

Put Technology to work during
COVID-19 with Manufacturing Software

Key AI-Dirven Outcomes

Minimize Bottlenecks

Significant Bottom Line Improvements

Ability to create effective Product Mix Segmentation to unlock more sales and thus identify key Working Capital Reduction Opportunities across the value chain on optimal Stock-Levels per SKU / Location, along with OTIF route suggestions.

Rapidly Analyze

Deeper Analysis of Demand and Financial Performance

Better understanding of Export Demand and Financial Performance that automatically broke down 1000’s SKUs by country and surfaced hidden operational insights. A better grasp of Material Costs, Sales Price Changes, Shipping Cost and Taxes and Duties to map out top- performing SKUs that contribute to the majority of total throughput.

Get Single Source of Truth

Greater Supply Chain Visibility

Work with a  futuristic view with step-through time-ranges to visualize the changes across the Supply Chain and track the performance over time to assess significant OTIF Improvements over two years.

Leading through Uncertain Times with

Conviction & Commitment

With ThroughPut, you are better equipped to respond to crisis. Our expertise and technology both keep you prepared for emergency- response, while tackling supply chain complexities.

Together, let’s get things under control, back on track, flowing smoothly once again.

It’s not only business as usual, but system Throughput like you’ve
never seen it before.

ThroughPut COVID-19 Software for Manufacturing

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Get a Headstart for your Building Materials & Cement Business with our AI-powered Supply Chain Solution

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Ali Raza

Chief Executive Officer | ThroughPut Inc

The world today is battling a global humanitarian challenge. The coronavirus pandemic called “COVID-19” is nothing short of an economic crisis too, rapidly unfolding with a new reality everyday. We at ThroughPut want to underscore to our customers, partners and the community at large that we too are here to help.

Helping you respond to COVID-19
We understand that the most affected communities are the healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries with a sudden, sharp increase in customer demand for essential commodities. As a result, thousands of supply chains across the world are under tremendous pressure to deliver essential goods, medicines and services at the right time, to the right place, to the right people. And when this happens, it can result in unplanned system breakdowns and downtime, something that communities cannot afford especially during this time of global crisis.

We are offering our technology, resources and skills for free to help the world win over this crisis in the most effective way. Our free products will ensure more organizations can now move several steps closer to the people in need and are able to provide these essential materials faster without facing any bottlenecks in the process.