Transforming Mission Readiness for Military & Defense Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory optimization Solution - ThroughPut
Logistics Planning Software - ThroughPut
Logistics Planning Software - ThroughPut
Inventory optimization Software - ThroughPut

Cutting-Edge AI Solutions
For National Welfare & Security

Real-time optimization to combat supply
chain delays

Prescriptive AI-based insights to increase material flow, enhance stocking levels, predict bottlenecks and boost readiness

Accurate demand sensing for timely parts replenishment

On-time availability of mission-critical parts with intelligent demand planning & replenishment systems based on accurate lead times, order quantities, and order frequencies.

Accelerate time-to-decision with high mission
success rates

Leverage existing data from multiple systems proactively to drive
decision-making at speed.

Supply Chain Excellence for
Mission Critical Operations

ThroughPut’s AI-powered supply chain planning software suite enables Military and Defense organizations to proactively respond to unprecedented supply chain delays and disruptions using powerful real-time optimization. Armed with these actionable insights and recommendations, key stakeholders and commanders at all levels, gain readiness priorities to successfully make data-informed decisions.

Logistics Planning

AI-driven insights to drive faster material movement, reduce lead times and save lives using optimized solutions.

Capacity Planning

Improve resource availability and response time effectively with operational responsiveness by acquiring the much-needed visibility into current, developing, and likely supply disruptions.

Demand Sensing

Plan and forecast demand accurately to eliminate supply chain lags to incorporate operational and market intelligence data for greater actionability.

Financial Planning

Maximize ROI and revenue by maneuvering bottlenecks and efficiently reroute supply chain disruptions on a large scale and greater orders-of-magnitude.

Accurately Plan, Sense & Optimize End-to-End Military Supply Chains

  • 20%  Accelerate
    Mission Success
  • 10X  Reduction in
  • 5X  Faster Identification
    of Bottlenecks
Inventory optimization software - ThroughPut

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