Accurate AI-powered Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Software


Integrate Organizational Goals With
A Streamlined (S&OP) Software

With a unified Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) strategy, supply chain planners and leaders can achieve the optimum balance between demand and supply forecasts for accurate multi-horizon planning. ThroughPut’s strong AI-driven S&OP expertise helps eliminate ambiguities by providing a clear sense of direction to help:

Boost sales with
optimized inventory

Minimize supply
chain costs

Improve on-time
delivery rates

Clients Who Trust Us

Rick Russo

Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Church Brothers Farms

   ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half. There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us.   

Why do Businesses Need Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Software?

Demand Sensing

Enabling demand planners
with key S&OP insights

Create adjustments related to short-term challenges in sales and operations execution. Focus on critical issues to address any disconnect with future forecasts.

Capacity Planning

Execute data-driven
capacity and resource plans

Work with a relevant demand-capacity feedback loop Ensure optimum inventory at all times based on actual capacity. Be responsive to market changes, which could impact capacity.

Materials & Resource Planning

Streamline material availability
based on demand

Plan material flow around changing bottlenecks & real-time demand fluctuations. Predict material availability in time to mitigate risks and maximize operational performance. Manage near-term material flows to ensure right inventory within manageable lead times.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Software Features

Inventory Optimization

  • Non-aligned operations characterized by demand/supply variance create overstocking of inventory or stockouts and exponential costs.
  • Sync sales and demand including material and capacity planning and ensure material availability to meet customer demand based on internal capacity.
Inventory Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Scenario Planning

  • Chaotic market trends and lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility impact customer satisfaction.
  • Implement streamlined and agile S&OP processes to ensure customers receive better services at an optimal cost to the business.
Inventory Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Demand Planning

  • Disproportionate revenue growth due to limited or inaccurate demand forecasting insights.
  • Enable strong demand sensing capabilities to equip the resource-planning system with the right insights to expedite growth.
Inventory Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Supply Chain Cost Reduction

  • Limited supply chain visibility result and capacity constraints result in higher operational costs.
  • Align key S&OP decisions based on demand forecasting and replenishment needs and adjust S&OP strategies based on teams requirements.
Promotions Planning Software - ThroughPut