Sustainably Free Up Existing Capacity to Meet Market Demand


Create Sustainable Capacity & Resource Utilization Plans

ThroughPut’s Capacity & Production Planning solution helps accurately evaluate the actual capacity against realized demand, scheduled production load, inventory build-up and lost sales opportunities. This empowers capacity planners to rapidly assess the ability to meet future demand, highlight risks and propose mitigation strategies to optimally schedule available resources.

Evaluate capacity prudently

Meet future demand accurately

Prioritize product-mix uniformly

The ThroughPut Difference
10x Times Higher Productivity and Utilization Efficiency



3 Months

ThroughPut Total Time-to-Value.

12 Months

Independent Implementation Total Time-to-Value.

Slash down throughput losses by maximizing real-time demand.


Traditional demand forecasting linked to a burden on total output with risks of meeting actual demand.

Ensure resource utilization is always under a set capacity limit.


Disproportionate resource utilization due to ambiguous capacity planning.

Reduce operations expenses that tap into the purchase of extra capacity.


Fluctuating operations expenses that may rise due to sudden capacity demands which are not planned for.

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Richard Smith

SVP of IT | James Hardie Building Products

   Game changer as we think about Supply Chain. ThroughPut’s ability to navigate to get to the decision maker and show impact with data-backed insights for higher profits and free cash flow is second to none.   

Why do Businesses need Capacity Planning Solution?

Asset Performance Management

Boost Asset Performance Management Across Capacity Levels

Challenge Gain end-to-end supply chains operations & production floor visibility across multiple plants.
Solution Accurately estimate the capacity of your asset load with streamlined production management and plan for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.


Increase in asset performance


Reduction in production variance

Inventory Optimization

Stay Updated Always On Real-Time Inventory Levels

Challenge Fluctuating demand dynamics impacting visibility on inventory levels.
Solution Measure, track and trace inventory with recommendations on demand with deep insights on mid term and near term range stock levels.


Increase in inventory turnover

Product Allocation Planning

Optimize Product Allocation Across Work Shifts

Challenge Uncertain output issues due to product variations.
Solution Automatically pick the best machines for each product while keeping the load on each machine to the optimal levels.


Boost in product allocation


Increase in output efficiencies


Elimination of Unplanned Outages Helps Global Food Manufacturer Boost use Capacity Utilization by $0.5 million Per Week


Per week boost in capacity utilization


Increase in output

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Capacity Planning Software Features

Accelerated Throughput With Minimum Operations Costs

  • Control throughput losses by maximizing the real-time demand.
  • Keep the resource utilization under optimum levels.
  • Minimize operations expenses that tap into the purchase of extra capacity.
Inventory optimization Solution - ThroughPut

Deploy Accurate Real-Time Data For Future Capacity Plans

  • Replay the past with historical data analysis to plan the near future better.
  • Assist capacity planners, demand planners, and demand managers leverage capacity plans to the fullest amidst challenging market scenarios.
  • Feed on-ground capacity plans with timely strategic insights.
Capacity Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Orchestrate A Risk Management Strategy

  • Leverage scenario planning to overcome uncertainty with a higher planning cadence to balance resource availability and demand with deep insights on mid-term and near-term range
  • Plan individual risk mitigation strategies response to help boost facility operations 
  • Perform real-time root cause analysis to identify out of control behavior, gain visibility of production/factory floor machine performance/ utilization for multiple scenarios
Production Optimization Software - ThroughPut


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