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The ThroughPut Difference
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Why ThroughPut? | Best Supply Chain Management Software

  • Check Mark ThroughPut ThroughPut Implementation Clock: Total Time To Value 3 Months ThroughPut Implementation Active Clock: Total Time To Value 3 Months Total Time to Value3 Months
  • Cancel Mark Independent Implementation Independent Implementation Clock: Total Time to Value 12 Months Independent Implementation Active Clock: Total Time to Value 12 Months Total Time to Value12 Months
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ThroughPut Integration

Rapidly plug-in existing data streams with in-built connectors

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Data Lake, Warehouse Setup
6-9 Months

Assuming the strategy is defined, resources are available and all that is left is to implement it.

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Validation and Ready For Use

Ready-to-Deploy confirmed with Client Solution Team. Start extracting value in less-than a single fiscal year quarter.

    3 Months flag-green
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Analytics Vendor Selection
1-2 Months

Comparative Analytics solutions do not easily scale the volume of data, dynamic computations and multi-dimensionality.

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Switch-over to Data Lake or Warehouse

Seamless switch-over to the end user when ready without disrupting operations.

    6 Months
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Business Case Understanding
1 Month

Review requirements from the business users, construct the development plan and assign analytics resources between internal teams within the client.

Benefits of ThroughPut

AI-powered Software solution AI-powered, scalable, ready-to-use Software solution with proven ROI-lift.

Fast-track AI Adoption Fast-track AI adoption with pre-built, industry-specific Data Structures and Business Logic. 12 Months

    9 Months
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POC Solution / Validation
3 Months

Requires domain knowledge for the use-cases. Carve-out the time and resources of operations experts to validate the solution.

12 Months Cancel Mark

Continuous Maintenance and Support

Internal resources dedicated to support the evolving needs of the team.


Why Customers Choose ThroughPut?

Data and Analytics Experts

Proven AI Models

Domain Expertise

Ops Algos, Heuristics & Stats

One Product. Endless Possibilities.
Infinite Impact

Where to Focus

Get a holistic view of financial state and health of the business, and improvement areas for continuous profitability

  • Excess Working Capital
  • Top Inventory Spend
  • Operations Expense
  • ThroughPut Trend
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
Granular Level
Tactical Plan
  • Stock Buffer Management
  • Supply / Demand Variability
  • Recommended Stock Levels
Where to Focus

Assess ability to meet future demand, highlight risks and propose mitigation strategies

  • Demand Segmentation
  • Demand Sensing
  • Lost Sales
  • Operations Constraints
Granular Level
Tactical Plan
  • Demand Events
  • Trends & Influencers
  • Forecast
Where to Focus

Unlock additional hidden capacity to efficiently balance production load of processes over time

  • Bottleneck Detection
  • Asset Performance & Reliability
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Lost Yield
Granular Level
Tactical Plan
  • Production Waterfall
  • RCA
  • OEE
Where to Focus

Prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities, logistics spend- all the way from supplier to DC, DC to DC, DC to Store, and Store to Customer

  • End-to-End Distribution Flow
  • On-time In-full Performance (OTIF)
  • Logistics & Allocation Inefficiences
  • Track Flow By Volume, Shipment, Count, Sales
Granular Level
Tactical Plan
  • Logistics Cost
  • SKU Ranking
  • Lost Sales

Key Benefits of ThroughPut

Realize Software ROI in excess of 50x

Over 600x faster insights for improved Lead Times, Defect Rates, Cycle Times

Improve Labor Productivity by 30% or more

Decrease Inventory by over 20%

Reduce lead time by
over 30%

Dozens of best-in-class operations management

Getting Started

Easy to Win!

ThroughPut Pilot

12xAchieved ROI

  • Full end-to-end Solution
  • Determine Monetization Potential of Data & realizable ROI
  • Access All Data & Existing Legacy Sources
  • Cloud, Hybrid, On-Prem
Ready to Scale!

ThroughPut Enterprise

40xAchieved ROI

  • Auto-ETL
  • Real-Time Operational Improvements
  • Continuous Free-Cash-Flow Tracking
  • Expanded API, Connector & Data Load Support

Award-Winning Product with
Proven Expertise across Multiple Industries

Improve Material Flow and Free Cash Flow
Across Your End-To-End Value Chain