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Supply Chain Bottleneck
Detection Software to Accelerate Resilience

Decrease production
downtime and boost

Leverage the power of proactive supply chain bottleneck detection and prediction on existing supply chain data” to “Leverage the power of predictive supply chain bottleneck technology on existing supply chain data…

Optimize inventory
and accelerate quality

Highlight processes that are out of control, prioritize tasks, and identify fixes to improve quality across products and operations. Perform root cause analysis via value stream mapping and multivariate analysis for actionable recommendations.

Transcend supply
chain constraints

Leverage existing data to identify, measure, and minimize the impact of operational bottlenecks and organizational constraints. Drive excellence in people, operations, and processes to accelerate output productivity and profitability.

Reduce supply
chain costs

Analyze the impact of specific actions on the bottomline with powerful financial calculators. Evaluate multiple scenarios to identify the best course of action that delivers the maximum value at the most reasonable cost.

How ThroughPut’s Bottleneck Detection Works

Gather and analyze data

Collect, prepare, and visualize disparate data across uploaded files, SQL connectors, and APIs. Identify and analyze demand patterns and trends for insightful, actionable intelligence that aids effective streamlining and prioritization.

Identify supply chain bottlenecks

Highlight process delays, and rectify areas of concern, volatilities, and inefficiencies. Eliminate waste and wasteful processes.

Strengthen bottomline savings

Determine ROI and precisely reflect savings by leveraging data-driven, real-time root-cause analysis.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ThroughPut


Improve labor productivity
by up to 30%, and output
by up to 200%.

Optimized working
capital and high ROI

Increase working capital and
earnings-per-share in real
time by up to 15%. Realize
initial ROI of up to 50x, with
proven results in days – not
months or years.

Best-in-class AI

Leverage 42+ best-in-class
operation management heuristics
that provide unparalleled ‘
operational decisions and
recommendations. Outstrip
competition with 600x faster
insights for improved lead times,
reduced defect rates, and cycle times.

Don’t Let Bottlenecks
Catch You Off Guard