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Businesses today continuously need to act according to market demand dynamics – swiftly, smartly, and sustainably. Failure to hit when the need arises could lead to losses in revenue, market share, or customer business.

ThroughPut’s Demand Sensing solution taps into existing time-stamped data tied to your sales, purchasing, distribution, and manufacturing activities and puts operational improvements on autopilot. By accurately predicting demand, you can reorient your production capacity and meet customer demand on time, every time.

A single source of truth to meet customer demand

Instantly respond to demand insights with fluctuating margins

Unmatched visibility to eliminate stockouts or excess inventory

ThroughPut Demand Sensing in Action

ThroughPut's Demand Sensing solution, coupled with deep understanding of the operational flow, can quickly enable companies to build resilience against future demand and supply chain shocks in the post-covid world.

World-renowned Theory of Constraints Expert & Author of Throughput Economics
Eli Schragenheim

Why do Businesses Need Demand Sensing Solution?

Real-time Demand Segmentation

Rapidly analyze & optimize SKUs based on demand insights.

Challenge Managing erratic demand volatility and channel shifts.
Solution Predict near-future demand patterns to streamline the flow of materials, processes, output and free cash flow across the integrated supply chain.


In accuracy of demand forecasts


Reduction in inventory

Recover Lost Sales Opportunities

Deep dive with lost-sales analysis to understand supply chain leaks and chart the best sales strategy

Challenge Ambiguity across potential profit opportunities through lost sales.
Solution Quickly identify priorities to drive higher revenues from existing lost sales opportunities.


Increase in sales


Increase in Service levels for delivery

Constraint-Based S&OP Planning

Move towards a more predictable and reliable demand-supply relationship.

Challenge Uncertain customer behaviors and purchase patterns create inaccurate Sales & Operations Plans
Solution Optimize your SKUs locally and globally despite disruptions and manage demand-supply trends against market uncertainties.


Reduction in bottlenecks


Reduction in inventory

Product- Mix Optimization

Drill down Product-Mix efficiencies with powerful demand forecasts.

Challenge Complexity in accurately estimating customer-demand with the right product-mix optimization.
Solution Stay in the know with accurate real-time product-mix intelligence to measure performance and improve service levels.


Reduction in lead time


More capacity in Production Operations

Pricing and Promotion Optimization

Execute accurate Pricing & Promotion models based on Market Dynamics and SKUs.

Challenge Ambiguity in clearly defining and implementing pricing metrics, promotion management and pricing analytics.
Solution Leverage AI to optimize market campaigns to target higher ROI with reduced operational costs.


Reduction in trucking costs


Improvement inventory turns

Demand Sensing Software Features

Empowering Planners With Accurate Demand Insights

  • Make better demand-driven decision based on fluctuating needs.
  • Optimize product-mix and hit revenue goals.
  • Spot Demand patterns using real-time market fluctuations and variables.
Inventory Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Demand Planning & Forecasting from Agility Resilience

  • Forecast Accuracy to plan material availability and allocate resources.
  • Streamline operations across end-to-end supply chain visibility for higher productivity.
  • Reliable forecasts to accelerate uninterrupted material flow and accurately expedite fulfillment.
Promotions Planning Software - ThroughPut


Readily Available Integrations to go live in Days, not Months

The ThroughPut Difference
5X Faster Time-to-market And Forecast Accuracy



3 Months

ThroughPut Total Time-to-Value.

12 Months

Independent Implementation Total Time-to-Value.

Connect the dots between past, present and future for timely near future insights and trends.


Historical Analysis using traditional forecasting methods that may be time consuming and unreliable.

Accurately take demand-driven product-mix decisions from a granular level to a panoramic view.


Siloed supply chain perspective can be prone to higher inaccurate judgement.

Leverage Demand Summary across variables to optimize Throughput, Lost Sales and OTIF.


Staggered approach to view demand trends and insights may not be all inclusive of key demand variables.

Clients Who Trust Us

Rick Russo

Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Church Brothers Farms

   ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half. There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us.   

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