The Real Potential of AI
in Manufacturing


of AI Impact on MfG by 2035

*GP Bullhound


of companies that adopt AI over the next 5-7 years will be able to double their cash flow with manufacturing



reduction in conversion costs, upto 70% cost reduction can be achieved by using AI in manufacturing

*The Boston Consulting Group

Throughput manufacturing operations software

Transforming your Manufacturing Operations with AI

The leading growth strategy for most manufacturers in 2021 is improving shop floor productivity. This is easily possible by investing in the AI-driven machine learning software by ThroughPut, called ELI, that delivers the insights needed to improve your product quality and production yields. Manufacturers today are gaining new insights into how they can become more sustainable using AI lead predictive analytics that scale on-premise, in the cloud, or hybird data systems. ThroughPut’s AI engine ELI works relentlessly to unearth these hidden insights from your existing manufacturing data to improve operational excellence in every way.

Specialized AI-driven analytical capabilities help to develop and produce innovative products with much shorter lead-times

Effectively leverage AI-enabled algorithms embedded in ThroughPut’s ELI software to improve throughput, sustainability, and yield rates

Tackle a wide range of complex and repeatable tasks to automate the analysis and narrow-down selections instantaneously

Solve previously impenetrable problems and uncover new ways to increase the yield and throughputs of each machine

Driving sustainable Business benefits your Manufacturing Facility while saving Money


ELI can help you improve your labor productivity by up to 30% or more

Level of Output

ELI can help you increase your output by up to 200% or more


ELI is more than 600 times faster delivering critical insights for improved lead times, defect rates & cycle times than contemporary methods

The 7 Industrial Data Myths Preventing Your Supply Chain From Profits and Productivity

EBOOK: The 7 Industrial Data Myths Preventing Your Supply Chain From Profits and Productivity

Debunk the common myths that exist about using industrial data to achieve output, growth and productivity. Take the first step toward using your existing data to achieve incredible industrial output.

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