SKU Optimization

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SKU Optimization to Accelerate Supply
Chain Revenue and Agility

Regulate demand variance

Sense demand shifts triggered by planned events, market disruptions, holidays, and seasonal trends. Precisely predict short and near-term demand to set realistic targets and meet market needs.

Optimize product mix
to maximize margins

Factor in holistic data to expose correlations in demand shift changes. Leverage real-time demand predictions to intelligently manage production and inventory at a SKU level.

Free up cash flow

Optimize end-to-end operations based on SKU, product, and portfolio mix across supply chain functions to rapidly generate incremental free cash flow.

Exceed customer expectations

Leverage AI-powered allocation and distribution recommendations to set consistently improving yet achievable metrics such as On-time, In-full (OTIF) deliveries and On-shelf Availability (OSA) per segment. Create a perfect pull while removing unnecessary moves to get products to where they are needed faster, so you never miss a sale.

How ThroughPut’s SKU Optimization
Capabilities Work

Data Transformation

Leverage point-of-sale (POS) data to generate targeted demand plans at a global/regional/local level by product as well as customer mix.

Recommendations for Action Plan

Act on prioritized recommendations to rank products and drive higher sales, and halt products that don’t make business sense.

AI-powered SKU Performance Insights

Rapidly optimize product mix in light of best and worst-performing SKU data across product and customer segments.

Case Study

European Retail Megacorp Boosts
Profit Margins by €30 Million with
AI-Powered Product-Mix Optimization

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ThroughPut

Maximized Revenue,
Minimized Risk

Analyze margin performance
per unit using granular
SKU-level data on product,
overhead, sales & distribution,
and post sales costs. Calculate
the profit impact of proposed
product offerings.

Improved Free Cash
Flow and Inventory

Simplify product mix to
lower inventory costs. Adjust
production and supply to
meet demand profitably.

Rapid Time
to Value

Understand customer requirements, and improve operations taking into account
existing capabilities and
ongoing variability (working
capital, asset utilization, lost
output and sales). Create
win-win opportunities.

Transform Your Supply Chain
with SKU-level Optimization