Building Resilient
Food Supply Chains

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Boost The Shelf-Life of your Fresh Produce with AI-Powered Analytics

Optimized Procurement, Distribution & Delivery

Reduce days or weeks from your supply planning cycles process with a holistic view of your food supply network.

Accurate Demand Planning & Forecasting

Overcome demand uncertainties with real-time demand and supply forecasts for minimizing inventory and maximizing production efficiency.

Effective Replenishment Strategies

Rapid replenishment planning for cost-effective food strategies, assured customer service levels and reduced costs.

Demand-Driven Efficiencies for your Food & Beverage Supply Stream

ThroughPut’s AI-powered platform radically enables manufacturers to meet customer demand on time and accelerate material flow, right from the upstream to the downstream.

Demand Sensing

Meet F&B business demands by leveraging historical sales patterns to create accurate demand and uncover new executable insights.

Capacity Planning

Plan capacity based on variable demand patterns without overstocking or understocking of F&B inventory.

Distribution & Logistics

Time-sensitive F&B Distribution & Logistics capabilities to dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities, and more.


Use a high level assessment of the financial health of the business to focus on specific metrics for continuous profitability as well as extract the highest earning potential front of the business.

Rick Russo

Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing | CHURCH BROTHERS FARMS

   ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half. There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us.   

Jim Schulte

Former CIO of ConAgra

   ThroughPut’s AI enabled speed of making existing data from multiple siloed systems for useful information was breathtaking. This allows every company to minimize the barriers to implement AI at enterprise scale.   

For Fresh and Safe Food Supply, Storage and Distribution

ThroughPut’s AI-powered software suite unlocks Food & Beverage operations agility and efficiency, to meet unpredictable customer demands, while creating a smooth flow of materials through supply chain networks.


Winning Strategies to Optimally Stock the Food Retailers Basket


in lost revenues due to markdowns and overstocking


of retailers continuously face stockout issues especially on fast moving category products


in lost sales worldwide each year on account of Out-Of-Stocks

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Delivering Superior Supply Chain Capabilities
for the F&B Industry

  • 60-80%  Timely Replenishment Planning
  • ~5X Minimized end-to-end Supply Chain Costs
  • 10X  Effective S&OP for Real-time Decision-Making
Reshape and Realign your F&B Strategies

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