Making Every Mile Count
with Demand-Driven Fleet

Optimized Logistics Operations with Intelligent Supply Chain Analytics

Fleet Management

AI-driven visibility into end-to-end inbound and outbound logistics operations across Distribution Centers

Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Maximize on-shelf availability(OSA) and customer satisfaction with demand-focused fulfillment cycles.

SKU Performance and Ranking

Real-time insights and impact analysis of logistics performance based on route and shipment type.

Supply Chain Solutions for Optimized Fleets

ThroughPut’s AI-powered supply chain planning solutions radically enables logistics managers to meet customer demand on time and accelerate material flow, right from the upstream to the downstream.

Demand Sensing

Analyze historical sales patterns and market demand signals to create an accurate picture of true demand to evaluate lost sales opportunities and uncover new executable insights.

Capacity Planning

Plan capacity & optimize inventory based on real-time demand patterns without overstocking or understocking of inventory.

Logistics Planning

Use a combination of business rules mapping and ML pattern extraction, to dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities, and more.

Financial Planning

Use a high level assessment of the financial state and health of the business to focus the user’s attention on the specific metrics to improve for healthy continuous profitability as well as extract the most earning potential front their business.

Dr. Alan Barnard

Decision Scientist & Theory of Constraints (TOC)

   At a time when data-driven decision making is no longer a choice, but a necessity for survival and growth, a product like ELI offers operations managers a step-change in the speed and quality of decision making for identifying and eliminating supply chain and process bottlenecks.   

Capacity Triggered Distribution at Breakneck Speed

ThroughPut enables logistics managers to instantly fine-tune core logistics strategies; to enhance real-time decision making related to issues like availability, costs, inventories, carriers, vehicles and personnel. With actionable insights, companies can effortlessly support shipping needs, reduce breakdowns while cutting fuel spend and unplanned maintenance costs.


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  • 600X Faster Insights for improved Lead Times, Defect Rates & Cycle Times
  • Upto 50X Realization of initial ROI
  • Upto 200% Boost your fleet Output
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