Inventory Optimization

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AI-Powered Stock Replenishment Software that
Boosts Sales, Cuts Costs, and Accelerates ROI

Fully transparent, real
time inventory visibility

Monitor, predict, and replenish inventory across all channels – and the entire supply chain – via a centralized, real-time view of all inventory data. Leverage the power of flexible inventory planning, limitless channel expansion, and unified customer experiences.

Accurate inventory

Deploy AI-powered forecasts to overcome the risk of demand variance and rapidly adapt to business fluctuations. Set the right foundation with advanced, proactive inventory planning that factors internal as well as external data.

Intelligent stock

Ensure the availability of the right products, in the right quantities, at the right place and time. Leverage automatic alerts for stock replenishment plans to optimize inventory levels while maximizing sales and revenue.

End-to-end inventory

Continuously evaluate inventory target levels across the supply chain, and update policies to ensure improving service levels and inventory targets. Translate high-level sales goals into a granular, achievable production schedule of products.

How ThroughPut’s Inventory
Optimization Works

Determine SKU/location

Analyze supply (replenishment lead times) and demand (average daily usage) signals to identify which SKUs/locations are running dangerously low on inventory levels. Dynamically factor in market shifts to eliminate flow disruptions and optimize inventory turnovers, service levels, and days of supply.

Recommend stock levels

Leverage AI-powered recommendations for allocation as well as distribution to create a perfect “pull.” Avoid unnecessary material movement to POSes on time and in full (OTIF) so that you never miss a sale. Continuously improve service levels based on evolving demand patterns and product mix priorities.

Manage buffers

Use correct buffer sizing criteria to always ensure minimized waste and risk of exposure. Monitor buffer consumption against recommended stock level targets over the near, short, and long term.

Case Study

US-based Coffee Retail Chain
Achieves 15% Inventory Reduction
by Anticipating Changes in Customer
Demand & Preferences in Real-Time

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ThroughPut

Drive centralized
inventory control

Benefit from strategic,
intelligent decisions that
eliminate inventory wastage
and costs and accelerate
control, all the while exceeding
service levels. Rapidly adapt
inventory strategy to meet
changing market conditions
and ever-increasing supply
chain constraints.

multidimensional planning

Resolve the most complex
supply chain problems in real
time. Empower supply chain
planners to drive meaningful,
outcome-based decisions at
every step along the value chain.


Analyze the impact of decisions
before taking them. Simulate
real-life scenarios on the financial
impact of lead-time reductions,
sales forecasts, safety stock
changes, and other variables
related to stock and service levels.
Evaluate multiple scenarios before
deciding on the best strategy.

The Right Tool for Just-in-time
Inventory Management