Supply Chain Decision Intelligence
& Analytics Platform That
Drives Business Results

Designed for outcome-driven supply chain decision-makers that
need to make faster, better and confident decisions.

ThroughPut AI software for advanced supply chain analytics
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Recognized as a Representative Vendor in the
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Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

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Traditional supply chain tools? Not enough. For real bottom line
growth, the C-suite turns to ThroughPut AI.

Prioritize Decisions. Drive Impact.
The ThroughPut Way.

A single source of truth for outcome-driven supply chain professionals.
Get a full picture of your end-to-end supply chain operations spanning across departments, including
intelligent data-driven recommendations to unlock efficiency, profitability and growth in your day-to-day

ThroughPut's Demand Sensing solution visualization

Demand Sensing

  • Accurate demand forecasting
  • Smarter demand plans
  • Agile demand-driven management

Accurately forecast future sales, down to every SKU, product and location. Rapidly identify top-selling, top-value products. Respond to emerging trends and patterns with agility.

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ThroughPut's Capacity Planning solution visualization

Capacity Planning

  • Maximize asset performance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Build a responsive capacity plan

Track relevant production KPIs to proactively spot and eliminate bottlenecks. Accelerate operational agility via scenario-based responsive modeling. Perform detailed root cause analysis of “unpredictable” operational disruptions.

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ThroughPut's Logistics Management solution visualization

Logistics Management

  • Adept network optimization
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Efficient logistics management

Uncover network optimization opportunities. Overlay material flows on geo maps to eliminate choke points. Identify distribution routes that are congested, do not meet OTIF metrics, or are simply unprofitable.

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ThroughPut's Financial Insights solution visualization

Financial Insights

  • Free trapped capital
  • Improve cash flow
  • Show bottom line impact

Maximize inventory control to accelerate sales and revenue. Realign networks for uninterrupted flow of goods and material. Identify top and bottom performers to adapt product mix.

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From Cost Center to Cash Flow Driver –
Monetize Your Existing Supply Chain Data
5x Faster

5x Faster

Plug your existing data streams and extract value in less than a single fiscal year quarter.


Create a resilient pathway for supply chain growth and profitability.

Across Industries

Software and expertise that sets you up for higher revenue and working capital reduction, no matter the industry.

Trusted and recognized by

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AI makes it faster, cheaper and easier to break data silos. With ThroughPut’s robust supply chain model, we leverage real-time simulations to discover critical root causes and accelerate sustainable, holistic revenue growth decisions across all business units.”

José Serra


Church Brothers

ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half. There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us.

Rick Russo

Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing


ThroughPut’s AI enabled speed of making existing data accessible from multiple siloed systems to derive useful information was breathtaking. This allows every company to minimize the barriers to implement AI at enterprise scale.

Jim Schulte

Former CIO

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Top rated industry-specific supply chain
decision intelligence and analytics

5 – 3 Days

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Processes Optimized Worldwide


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Ready to eliminate waste and improve your profitability?

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