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ThroughPut Uses APIs To Rapidly Collect, Analyze, and Recommend Resolutions 100x Faster Than A Supply Chain Expert

Expedite Decision Making

ThroughPut BETA helps supply chain decision makers identify problems 100 times faster by helping data scientists & analysts communicate business value in simple, understandable English

improve profit margins

We help financial controllers bring automation level control to costs. See upto 15% reduction in inventory, logistics, and storage costs.

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How it works

ThroughPut's platform rapidly identifies costly supply-chain bottlenecks and empowers customers to take remedial action. The API-powered Artificial Intelligence SaaS platform is scalable, flexible, and industry-agnostic. ThroughPut enables the next generation of supply chain talent to transform your future business success.
"Google instantly finds answers. ThroughPut instantly finds problems. One day, supply chain decision makers will ThroughPut before they Google. "

ThroughPut’s algorithm automates problem discovery. Using API integrations, ThroughPut identifies problems magnitudes faster than professional consultants at a fraction of the cost. The algorithm automates the following steps a data scientist would take: 1. Collect Data 2. Normalize Data 3. Prepare Visualization 4. Highlight Abnormal Behavior 5. Simulate Overtime Savings by Reducing Unpredictability. This eliminates upto 70% of the manual process, and reduces analysis time for your entire organization. Furthermore, the algorithm transforms your data to highlights problems via selecting methodologies on a case-by-case scenario, such as: Continuous Improvement - Statistics - Industrial Knowledge - Manufacturing Knowledge - Operations Management - Cost Accounting - Root Cause Analysis - Process Engineering – Automation - Process Controls – Econometrics - Value Chain Optimization - Supply Chain Knowledge - Machine Learning - Failure Analysis - Ordinary Differential Equations - Correlations & Causation Analysis - Prescriptive Analytics - Financial Analysis. This algorithm compiles 15 years of combined supply chain experience, 10,000 hours of code development, and 100s of customer feedback interviews across a variety of industries. The end results are recommendations that quantify and rank costly problems, enabling swift resolution internally or through our solutions product line.

  • Upload your data into our platform.

  • Our system takes your data and highlights your most critical bottlenecks ranking them in terms of cost impact.

  • ThroughPut provides you with improvement recommendations thereby accelerating strategy.

  • Use our recommendations to instantaneously take action and monitor improvements using the ThroughPut platform.

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