Demand-Driven Logistics Planning
for Enhanced Fleet Efficiencies


Predictive Insights for
Sustainable Cost Efficiencies

With uncertainties gripping the demand-supply dynamics in the logistics industry, companies have to transform their game plan. Continuous optimization of warehouse strategies, labour processes and fleet management is the only way to achieve sustainable, all-round efficiencies across the supply chain.

ThroughPut helps logistics planners & managers with AI-driven actionable insights to analyze routes, carriers and load efficiencies.

Enhanced Real-time visibility across transportation, warehouses & inventory

Demand-driven  logistics planning to reduce logistics costs & carbon emissions

Connected warehouse management to optimize distribution & inventory levels

The ThroughPut Difference
3x Higher OTIF and Logistics Efficiency



3 Months

ThroughPut Total Time-to-Value.

12 Months

Independent Implementation Total Time-to-Value.

AI-driven business rule mapping and ML pattern extraction to reduce lead times extensively.


Historical Analysis using traditional mapping methods that may be time consuming and inaccurate.

Dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities.


Scattered view of the supply chain without itemized prioritization which can be misleading.

Provides complete visibility of materials across the value chain to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks.


Partial visibility clouded by disintegrated data systems which prevent end-to-end efficiency.

Clients Who Trust Us

Thomas Deakins

SVP, Global Partnerships & Alliances | project44

   With ThroughPut, we empower our customers to not just optimize their logistics, but their supply chain operations as a whole. ThroughPut’s demand-first, AI-powered, predictive approach to supply chain management is the key to solving the product and customer prioritization puzzle that all businesses seek to solve on an everyday basis these days as they look to expedite lead times and better serve their customers.    

Why Do Businesses Need Logistics Planning Solution?

Single View of All Shipments

Compare Multiple Shipments And Period Volumes Easily

Challenge Manage overlapping shipment cycles over a staggered period of time.
Solution Compare received, delivered and sold aggregate volumes by route and shipment type to understand impact of fulfillment orders.


Faster insights for improved Lead Times.


Improvement through Inventory Turns

SKU Optimization

Review Impact Of Logistics Performance On OTIF

Challenge End-to-end SKU analysis across multiple channels.
Solution Holistic SKU flow all the way from supplier through distribution networks to stores to analyze the impact of sales and contribution to indirect logistics cost.


Increase in Performance Improvement Yield Margin


Working Capital Reduction Opportunities

Improved OTIFs with Reduced Carbon Emissions

Visually Depict The Flow Of A Particular SKU Or A Cluster Of Selected SKUs

Challenge Siloed material flow views across the distribution network.
Solution Accelerate shipping of the right goods at the right time, while minimizing runtime costs and risks. Using a combination of business rule mapping and ML-based pattern extraction, predict ETAs and achieve a high rate of OTIFs.


Throughput Saving per year


More capacity in Production Operations


Leading Cement Manufacturer Reduces Logistics Costs by 20% with Demand-driven Logistics Planning & SKU Optimization


SKUs Optimized


Reduction in Trucking Costs


Tonnes of excess annual inventory relieved

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Logistics Planning Software

Supply Chain Network Optimization with Dynamic Lead Times 

  • Examine material flows overlaid on geo maps and identify choke points across their supply chain networks
  • Accurately generate customized forecasts for demand, near-term OTIF potential, and product mix optimization to maximize profit margins and other factors
  • AI-powered analysis, predictions and recommendations by route and shipment type of received, delivered and sold aggregate volumes.
Logistics Planning Software - ThroughPut

Actionable Insights to Prioritize OTIF Deliveries

  • Review the impact of logistics performance on OTIF fulfillment of orders and associated logistics spend
  • Visualize performance against a business’s unique priority KPI’s such as lead-time-to-customer vs. product expiry thresholds, product criticality
  • Prioritize orders and customers by demand and order-value for improved profitability
Inventory Planning Solution - ThroughPut

Adopt a Data-Driven Approach to Analyze Logistics Flow

  • Quickly view and assess the flow of a particular SKU or a cluster of selected SKUs all the way from supplier through the distribution network to stores.
  • Easily expose tactical opportunities for improvement with assessment of the bottom-line benefits associated with each opportunity
  • Optimize material movement to dynamically prioritize Items based on logistics costs and lost sales opportunities.
End to End Supply Chain Visibility Solution - ThroughPut


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