Demand Segmentation

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Demand Segmentation to Maximize
Sales Performance

Maximize forecasting

Sense and predict true market demand with razor-sharp accuracy to plan new product introductions, phase-outs, promotions, and short life cycle products. Drive more precise downstream supply chain plans that boost customer satisfaction and profitability.

Reduce working

Better understand the impact of vendor deals or discounts on working capital, and gain insights into production alternatives. Balance supply while reducing working capital to drive operational efficiency and incremental improvements in your bottom line.

Optimize product

Adopt a demand-driven approach with superior visibility into near-term demand patterns and trends. Leverage precisely actionable, real-time demand intelligence to increase product availability, improve profitability, and lower costs.

Drive overall supply
chain excellence

Leverage demand insights across the entire supply chain – from demand planning to logistics. Gain the ability to make the most of opportunities to improve anything and everything that can push the needle of growth.

How ThroughPut’s Demand Segmentation

Analyze and segment data

Evaluate existing data to create targeted demand segments by product/customer type. Analyze scenario-based responses to market variations and dynamically adjust operational plans to adapt to real-time changes and cater to demand.

Offer more value

Consistently seek to simplify customer mix and enhance value offered for repeat business. Analyze trends across geographies, identify and fix operations issues, and accelerate customer satisfaction.

Drive higher sales

Leverage marketing campaign data to incentivize higher sales, while identifying products that make no business sense and need to be retired. Clearly define sales performance metrics.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ThroughPut

Analyze inventory
with accurate

Eliminate traditional
forecasting challenges. Shift
away from legacy systems and
easily track – and plan –
revenue/volume per customer
across your product mix by
SKU, product, product category,
industry, or service line.

Segment based
on business characteristics

Simplify product mix to reduce
inventory costs and
reduce/eliminate resources,
suppliers, workers, and
storage space. Adjust production
and distribution to meet
demand – while maximizing
profit margins.

Accelerate sales with

Identify top performing customer
segments, encourage increased
business, and cut down variance
and waste. Leverage relevant
What-if forecasts and analyses to
offer more attractive rates,
discounts, and quotations.

Achieve Razor-sharp Precision
in Demand Planning