About ThroughPut | Transform Your Business Using AI

Our Philosophy

The key to achieving humanity’s greatest needs must begin with leveraging
operational data to reveal, measure, and eliminate industrial-scale waste.

Moreover, conventional digital transformation and industry 4.0 efforts do not utilize existing data
systems for efficiency gains within the heavy industrial world.

Our vision is to eliminate industrial bottlenecks through
AI-powered process waste reduction that tie up over $10 trillion annually
of underutilized resources across the global supply chain.

Purpose-built to Solve the World’s Biggest Operational Problems

We are ready to do the heavy lifting!

We know each industry operates differently. Answers to industrial grade problems never come easy. We are prepared to take the load and scout for solutions. With our expertise, years of industry experience and a super efficient product we can get you through.

The only AI-Powered Software to run Leaner, Faster, Smoother and Safer Operations out of the box

ThroughPut’s product is a Kaizen-AI, Continuous Improvement software based on the Theory of Constraints, Lean Principles and dozens of other best practices that helps today’s organisations meet their goals and objectives for a hyper-efficient supply chain network by finding:

  • Constantly shifting Bottlenecks within all processes
  • Efficiencies and areas of waste improvement for inventory management across the entire supply chain

The ThroughPut Promise

When Operations, Business and Investors run smoother, Workers, Communities, Society and the Environment benefit. ThroughPut believes that more than 90% of the world’s population – the bottom economic 50%, will benefit from greater throughput, less bottlenecks and weaste, and the freed-up working capital on an industrial scale, which can be reallocated to enable 100% literacy, ample nutrition, access to healthcare, and a higher quality-of-living.

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Winning Story

Whether you’re looking to reduce cycle time, avoid machine failure, optimize
inventory, or make your community and the world a less wasteful place, ELI improves your operational excellence.

Increased Efficiency

Empower operational decision-makers to take real-time corrective measures and save time, money, resources & brand integrity with the world’s first Bottleneck Management System (BMS)

Real-time Solutions

The AI software provides real-time root cause analysis for end-to-end supply chain management using your existing time-stamped data by leverages it’s powerful algorithms & best practices

Automated Services

The fully automated, industrial grade software eliminates the bottlenecks along your entire supply chain cycle, thus, making way for unprecedented productivity in your operations

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