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ThroughPut’s AI-Powered Engine ensures uninterrupted supply chain operations, right from the front-lines to the bottom-lines.
ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software suite proactively responds to demand signal changes at the right time to optimize planning, production, logistics and distribution enabling companies to beat their output targets while generating optimum free-cash-flow within days.

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Supply Chain Roadmap & Master Planning

Supply Chain Roadmap & Master Planning

  • Set and meet realistic supply chain goals
  • Make accurate decisions with a data-driven supply chain strategy with the right supply chain planning tools
  • Rapidly determine your achievable output and improvement potential with industry-specific supply chain analytics

Capacity Planning Optimization

Categorize and flag out-of-control processes and optimize for efficiencies

  • Unleash the power of more than 45+ industry-specific heuristics to prioritize processes that need their immediate attention
  • Sift-out redundant processes based on Theory-of-Constraints best practices and best-of-breed operational algorithms

Root-Cause Analysis

Dig down deeper to cull out supply chain inefficiencies at the core

  • Easily identify out of norm events in real-time to highlight deviations in performance, call-out root causes, and get actionable recommendations
  • Experience the power of smooth operational performance, reduce unexpected surprises, and free-up time to focus on the bigger tasks

Supply Chain Analytics

A data-driven single window of truth through one unified dashboard

  • Actionable, real-time bird’s-eye view with key insights to holistically improve supply chain operations
  • Powerful single source of truth into multi-geo and multi-site visibility across multiple modes, suppliers and data sources

Financial Planning

Determining the monetary value of operations decisions in advance with financial calculators

  • Easily associate to prioritize revenue, profitability, cost and ROI, tied to supply chain transformation initiatives and KPIs sat a supplier, location, product, and SKU level efficiency
  • An omniscient view of entire global operations down to the part, resource, and dollar to unlock existing capacity and accelerate material flow

How ThroughPut Works

ThroughPut uses AI-powered Supply Chain Intelligence to help you gain complete visibility right from your Upstream to Downstream operations

1. Detect

Automatically unifies data from multiple data sources via APIs, Connectors and file uploads.

2. Analyze

Automatically analyzes data patterns to classify critical versus non-critical bottlenecks in real-time.

3. Prioritize

Automatically highlights inefficiencies to prioritize the best solutions.

4. Summarize

Automatically determines your ROI and ROA by showing operational savings using real-time root-cause analysis with actionable recommendations.

The Benefits


Elevate inventory turnover and hike the labor productivity rapidly at scale.


Streamline to critical expenses for optimal order fulfillment.


Streamline to critical expenses for optimal order fulfillment.

One Product to Centralize All Your
Supply Chain KPIs & ROIs

Demand Sensing

  • Harmonize the right product-mix to extract greater profits with seamless order management
  • Optimize replenishment and distribution targets to create a perfect pull system
  • Achieve accurate inventory availability across locations with predicted customer demand

Constraints Management

  • Minimize bottlenecks & maximize flow by prioritizing SKUs that need attention
  • Evaluate the capacity against realized demand, scheduled production load of processes over time, inventory built up and lost sales
  • Quickly assess roadblocks to meet future demand, highlight risks and propose mitigation strategies

Financial Planning

  • Prioritize high impact areas that can improve Free Cash Flow
  • Analyze Throughput, Inventory, Operations Expense overall trend and key contributors
  • Accelerate cash flow conversion cycle analysis

Logistics Planning

  • Align stocking and allocation strategy with shipments all the way from supplier to warehouse, distribution center to Store, and Store to Customer
  • Dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities
  • Understand the impact to logistics spend and OTIF performance on lost sales

Capacity Planning & Management

  • Highlight Processes that are Out-of-Control, Prioritize Tasks, Quantify Savings & Recommend Fixes
  • Quickly understand capacity constraints and a path to unlock hidden capacity and throughput
  • Conduct root cause analysis to easily track results and share best practices across departments

Product Update:
ThroughPut Supply Chain Financial Planning Module