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Meet ELI

Industry-scale, automated, enterprise-ready Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that gives you the competitive Edge

You know your targeted Performance. You also know where your performance is actually at today. ELI uses data to bridge that gap.

With ELI, Operations Managers can easily achieve unprecedented Productivity & Operational Excellence. ELI enables you to meet and beat your Supply Chain Goals by nailing-down Bottlenecks & eliminating Waste to achieve end-to-end Efficiencies.

Watch ELI in Action

The world’s leading industrial organizations already trust ELI to increase output,
reduce operational expense, and transform operational excellence. Discover ELI now.

The Best Software for Operations

Set and meet realistic goals with a data-driven approach
  • It is difficult to make accurate decisions without a well-instrumented, data-driven strategy
  • ELI helps determine what your achievable output and improvement potential is.
Categorize and flag out-of-control processes and optimize for operational excellence
  • Operations managers have their plates full and scout for efficient ways to prioritize processes that need their immediate attention
  • ELI leverages more than 45+ different industry-specific heuristics based on extensive experience, best practices and operational algorithms such as statistical process control, discrete event modelling, shifting bottlenecks analysis and industrials statistics
  • Sift-out redundant processes and focus on what is critical to boost your operational efficiencies
Dig down deeper to cull out inefficiencies at the core
  • Heavy-duty industrial operations make it challenging to identify events that are out of the norm
  • ELI detects such events in real-time to highlight deviations in performance, call-out root causes, and prescribe solutions
  • Experience the power of smooth operational performance, reduce unexpected surprises, and free-up time to focus on the bigger tasks
A data-driven single window of truth through one unified dashboard
  • With multiple layers of complex industrial operations, managers need one place to look to monitor day-to-day operations.
  • ThroughPut’s supply chain management software provides a KPI dashboard that provides a bird’s-eye view with key insights to improve operations along with drill-down capabilities for deeper insights and granular information
  • Finally, operations managers have one single view to monitor organization-wide operations and avoid wasting time looking through multiple software and data systems.
Determining the monetary value of operations decisions in advance with financial calculators
  • Analytical insights without financial metrics are of no use and ELI’s financial calculators deliver the financial metrics you need.
  • Associate the financial value in terms of revenue , profitability, cost and ROI, tied to each of your key operational metrics.
  • Get the exact financial impact of bottleneck elimination and waste reduction through real data-driven analysis with accurate revenue and cost allocation for the maximum potential.

ELI Works

ThroughPut’s proprietary AI supply chain management software, ELI, reduces costly, excess industrial waste by detecting and eliminating the ever-shifting bottlenecks that cause them. ELI leverages powerful algorithms and the latest industrial best practices to automatically provide recommendations over 600 times faster than traditional processes to ensure smoother-flowing production.

1. Upload

Automatically collects data & prepares it through uploaded files, APIs and Connectors

2. Analyze

ELI automatically analyzes data patterns to classify critical versus non-critical bottlenecks in real-time

3. Prioritize

Automatically highlights inefficiencies by scanning all sources of data thoroughly and applying process-enhancing methods to prescribe the best solutions

4. Summarize

Automatic determine your ROI and ROA by showing operational savings using real-time root-cause analysis

Benefits of ELI’s AI-powered software engine


Inventory turnover and labor productivity rapidly at scale using real-time andon boards


Multiple shipping costs and streamline to critical expenses only


Time-to-insight using instant visualizations with multi-variable heat maps, geolocation tracking, and data-quality maps

The Outcome

Cut-down lead-time unpredictability

Slash inventory costs

Reduce maintenance frequency


Process Steps Optimized Worldwide for leading global corporations

Breakthrough the bottlenecks that limit unprecedented output, productivity, and growth, leveraging your own data with ThroughPut’s AI-enabled software

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