Where Traditional Supply Chain
Approaches Fall Short,
ThroughPut Delivers

Experience a supply chain decision intelligence solution that drives both
financial and operational ROI in days – not years.

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Named as one of the leading vendors
in Gartner Toolkit: Identify A&DI
Solutions for Supply Chain

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Escape the Cycle of Outdated Supply
Chain Management

Outdated tools. Revenue-to-profit mistranslation. Data mishaps and
disjointed systems. Misaligned S&OP and budgets. It is time to end your
supply chain struggle with ThroughPut.

How ThroughPut Works

ThroughPut integrates advanced supply chain analytics best practices to quickly
identify supply chain bottlenecks, make swift near-term predictions, and offer
intelligent recommendations—helping you make high-impact decisions swiftly.

Integration of ThroughPut with Other Supply chain Tools

Integrate and Transform Data

Seamlessly unify data from various sources using APIs, Connectors, and file uploads. Identify patterns in internal and external data to distinguish critical from non-critical in real-time.

ThroughPut AI Inventory and Financial Analysis


Gain advanced visibility into critical elements that impact the profitability of S&OP plans. Spotlight “critical” inefficiencies to impact your finances – working capital and free cash flow.

ThroughPut AI ROI and ROA analysis


Calculate ROI and ROA with real-time analysis, offering actionable recommendations. Overcome the challenges of siloed perspectives that Excel/spreadsheets, point solutions or purely historical data and past performance – gain a better grip on ground reality.

Recognized as a Representative Vendor in the Prestigious
Gartner Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence
Platforms in Supply Chain

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Why Customers Love Us

Stay in Command of
Your ROI

Leverage ThroughPut to stay on top of your supply chain transformation’s financial outcomes. Determine financial impact across multiple geographies, plants, suppliers and data sources at product, store and SKU level.

Bid Goodbye to
Piecemeal Tactics

Holistically improve top as well as bottom line growth with real-time, actionable insights. ThroughPut’s powerful, centralized platform issingle source of truth for all supply chain decision-makers.

Fix the Problem,
Not the Symptoms

Identify performance deviations in real time. Get to the root of supply chain inefficiencies. And access actionable recommendations to make decisions for continuous improvement, freeing up cash and minimizing disruptions.

Transform into a
Value Center

Eliminate redundant processes. Weed out wasted costs and resources. Minimize risks. And drive uninterrupted operations. Ultimately, creating a positive monetary impact!

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Our Commitment


Inventory turnover and productivity rapidly, and at scale.


Working capital and time to value for highly optimized order fulfillment.


Revenue as well as margins within the least cost and time.

Precision in
Every Step

The right product, place, quantity,
and timing with ThroughPut.

Demand Sensing

Accurate near-term predictions that lets you determine the right product mix and inventory levels.

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Capacity Planning

Identify capacity constraints. Unblock hidden capacity and throughput to maximize revenue.

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Logistics Management

Dynamically prioritize deliveries. Improve OTIF performance and align end-to-end distribution strategies.

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Financial Intelligence

Prioritize high impact strategies to accelerate free cash flow and cash conversion cycles.

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