Outperform Your Retail Targets From Shore To Shelf

Future-Proof Retail Demand Planning Strategies To Optimize Inventory Levels

Sense & Accurately Predict Demand

Get insights into trends & market risks faster.

Get Real-time End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Ensure efficient collaboration between sales & operations teams with complete visibility into the flow of materials, production schedules & pricing.

Unlock Demand-Driven Replenishment Planning

Optimally plan and automate your inventory management with accurate insights to maximize On-Shelf Availability, minimize waste and stockouts and boost new product introductions.

Supply Chains Solutions for Retailers

ThroughPut’s AI-powered retail supply chain planning solutions help retailers with a robust data-driven approach to optimize replenishment and allocation down to individual SKUs at local, regional and global levels.

Demand Sensing

ThroughPut’s Retail Demand Sensing Solution uses historical sales patterns and demand signals to accurately predict, sense and drive demand driven sales and operations planning for your Retail business.

Capacity Planning

Plan your Retail capacity based on accurate demand forecasts to steer merchandise, assortment and maintain optimum inventory levels.

Logistics Planning

Leverage AI-driven distribution of Retail goods to dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities.

Financial Planning

Benefit with a granular data-driven approach for project focused actionable insights to improve profitability and exceed revenue targets.

Gavriella Schuster

Vice President | Microsoft

   ThroughPut delivers timely solutions that solve the complex supply chain challenges that businesses around the world face – from communicating and collaborating virtually to helping customers realize their full potential with existing data.   

Integrated Demand Planning, Supply Optimization and Capacity Fulfillment

Go Live in Days, not months, with our ready to go Integrations across data sources.

Case Study

Apparel Giant Leverages AI to Optimize Discounts, Prevent Stockouts & Maximize Margins during Holiday Season


of freed up shelf space


difficult to sell merchandise prevented


Increase in Overall Performance

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Why ThroughPut Supply Chain Planning Solution?

  • ~5x  Forecast efficiency for multi-channel and matrix retail structures
  • ~3x  Sense, analyze, plan and shape demand accurately
  • ~20%  Ensure optimal capacity + resource utilization
Capacity Planning Solution - ThroughPut

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