Covid-19 Response Program | ThroughPut

Respond faster, better and smarter
during the pandemic

Let technology and your data work for you, your
customers and your partners.

During these times of global crisis, our COVID-19 Rapid Response Program is committed to supportingthe most affected communities around the world, and hence the critical industries thatsupport them: healthcare and first-responder services, medical manufacturing,supply chains, logistics and transportation.

Battle your supply chain complexities with a proven, real-time, data-driven approach to operationsmanagement that delivers results from the start.

Steps to Readiness

Leverage the ThroughPut COVID-19 Rapid Response Program

Free 30-day access of our complete enterprise software suite

Optimal Emergency Department Setups to increase Daily Patient Volumes

Free Technical Support

Free Plant Assessment

Free interactive Q&A sessions with industry experts

How to Restart Operations During the Pandemic at Warp Speed

For Manufacturers, Factory Operators and Plant Engineers

For Operations Leaders
in Manufacturing

Actionable, data-driven insights at your fingertips to calculate the potential savings of dollars, man-hours and units for your facility.

To help manufacturers battle the day-to-day operational challenges during the current Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economical crisis both today and tomorrow, our manufacturing enhancement module, ELITE, is now available for free for 30 days.

Put Technology to work during
COVID-19 with Manufacturing Software

Here is how manufacturers and operations
managers benefit

Minimize Bottlenecks

Eliminating Shifting

Use your existing data to
simplify bottleneck problems
and redesign your operations to
be simpler, smoother, more
consistent and predictable.

Rapidly Analyze


Understand and take action
on which worker-shifts and
operational areas to focus on
to improve output, savings,
and productivity.

Get Single Source of Truth

Get a Single Source
of Truth

Streamline and increase the
overall efficiency of your
manufacturing plants.

For ER Doctors, Healthcare Providers,
Medical Suppliers, First Responders & other
Healthcare Professionals

Effective planning and management of your healthcare supply chains for better patient inflow,throughput, ICU capacity, equipment utilization and better health outcomes. To helphealthcare service providers deal with unpredictable medical emergencies, such as COVID-19and beyond, we are offering our full Enterprise Software Suite, ELI, free for 90 days.

data driven manufacturing ELI screen

Here is how Healthcare
Professionals can benefit

AI-powered optimization enables the management of patient surges.

Prioritize the emergency rooms that need attention and manage the resources to better support them.

Prepare hospitals for the increasingly competitive health care markets of the future while freeing-up working-capital otherwise trapped in inefficient processes and inventories.

Rapidly identify which process steps in the triage and administration process are causing hindrances and reducing capacity.

Get to the root-causes of delays and bottlenecks (beds, equipment, medication, physicians, nurses, etc.) to solve issues faster.

Leading through Uncertain Times with

Conviction & Commitment

With ThroughPut, you are better equipped to respond to crisis. Our expertise and technology both keep you prepared for emergency- response, while tackling supply chain complexities.

Together, let’s get things under control, back on track, flowing smoothly once again.

It’s not only business as usual, but system Throughput like you’ve
never seen it before.

ThroughPut COVID-19 Software for Manufacturing

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From the Front Lines of the Pandemic
An insight to our end-to-end supply chain
management during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Uncovering the Factual Directions
White Paper
Navigating through unforeseeable
consequences of the pandemic

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Bringing Light upon Epidemic Outcomes
Monitoring & mitigating the epidemic outcomes
with provisional strategies

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Key Business Driver
Key business drivers to optimize your operations
using data-driven insights

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Special COVID-19 pricing
for manufacturers of
Essential Healthcare and
First Responder Products

A One-time free analysis of
your sites process plant’s

Free Consulting session
with one of our experts

Ali Raza

Chief Executive Officer | ThroughPut Inc

The world today is battling a global humanitarian challenge. The coronavirus pandemic called “COVID-19” is nothing short of an economic crisis too, rapidly unfolding with a new reality everyday. We at ThroughPut want to underscore to our customers, partners and the community at large that we too are here to help.

Helping you respond to COVID-19
We understand that the most affected communities are the healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries with a sudden, sharp increase in customer demand for essential commodities. As a result, thousands of supply chains across the world are under tremendous pressure to deliver essential goods, medicines and services at the right time, to the right place, to the right people. And when this happens, it can result in unplanned system breakdowns and downtime, something that communities cannot afford especially during this time of global crisis.

We are offering our technology, resources and skills for free to help the world win over this crisis in the most effective way. Our free products will ensure more organizations can now move several steps closer to the people in need and are able to provide these essential materials faster without facing any bottlenecks in the process.