Solve the Most Pressing Manufacturing Challenges to Increase Output, Inventory Turns & Profitability

Boost Asset

Improve production plan at SKU and Location level to align upstream and downstream operations

Streamline Inventory Management

Minimize Stock-outs & Overstocks to maximize revenue gains

Optimize Capacity Planning

Free up additional capacity to deliver on time, in full

Eliminate Operational Uncertainty using AI

ThroughPut’s AI-powered software suite radically enables manufacturers to meet customer demand on time and accelerate material flow, right from the upstream to the downstream. By leveraging proven algorithms and industrial expertise, manufacturers can unlock hidden capacity, reduce operational waste and respond faster to near-future demand patterns for higher production yields and improved product quality.

Demand-Driven Manufacturing ExcellenceStarts Right Here

Predict near-future demand patterns to streamline the flow of materials, processes, output and free cash flow, across your integrated supply chain.

Optimally align Plant Performance KPIs with Financial ROIs – Down to the part, resource, and dollar across inventory, logistics and fulfillment.

Tackle a wide range of complex and repeatable tasks to automate the analysis and narrow-down selections instantaneously

Produce innovative products with much shorter lead-times and meet customer demand

Rapidly eliminate unsold inventory piles, operational costs , and uncover new ways to increase the yield and throughputs of each machine



Jump in overall labor productivity

Up to 200%

Increase in level of output


Faster insights to improve lead times, defect rates & cycle times

The 7 Industrial Data Myths Preventing Your Supply Chain From Profits and Productivity

e-Book: The 7 Industrial Data Myths Preventing Your Supply Chain From Profits and Productivity

Debunk the common myths that exist about using industrial data to achieve output, growth and productivity. Take the first step toward using your existing data to achieve incredible industrial output.

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