AI, Driving it’s way into the Automotive Industry


Marginal growth of the number of automotive companies that deployed AI in 2025.



Increased investments by the automotive industries due to growing digitalization & technological advancements by 2023



 higher accuracy to detect defects by AI


Throughput Automotive Operations

Make the most from Operations with ELI’s Data-Driven Insights

The automotive industry is being disrupted on all sides while dealing with soaring demands to keep operations at optimum levels and running costs at the bare minimum. This places immense pressure on operations, delivery and profit margins for manufacturers to review and adjust their strategic priorities and seek new technology platforms to execute these strategic objectives.

With ELI’s AI capabilities, operations managers can easily correlate existing machine data for various KPIs, such as productivity, quality, maintenance and traceability.

ELI’s AI engine is fueled by your existing data to eliminate deep-rooted operational problems and provide you a competitive advantage no other can obtain.

Improve overall equipment effectiveness and throughput by understanding the nature of bottlenecks, and eliminating them before they ever have a chance to build-up and strike.

Obtain a single window of visibility to establish the genealogy of the complete automotive supply chain. Boost the process traceability to reduce the likelihood of recalls

Smart, intuitive and intelligent analytical insights help manage strategic materials effectively to gain real-time inventory visibility and avoid disruptions

Fueling your Operations Engine with Absolute Business Value


ELI helps
in improving the Labor Productivity by upto 30%


42+ best-in-class
Operation Management Heuristics provide the best Operational Decisions


ELI helps you increase your Working Capital & Earnings-Per-Share in real-time by upto 15%

Operational bottlenecks Artificial Intelligence

EBOOK : Breakthrough Operational Bottlenecks with AI

Bring the power of AI-driven analytics on your plant floor to increase uptime, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity and throughput.

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