AI, Driving it’s way into the Automotive Industry

Balance demand and capacity management

Gain real-time demand trends and manage capacity for aligned and synchronized supply chains

Visibility across upstream and downstream plant quality

Get early insights into risks to measure the impact and plan accordingly

Reduced downtime, scrap, and rework

Boost output, quality and save productive labor hours

Achieve True Business Impact for your Automotive Supply Chain

The automotive industry is being disrupted in every aspect with soaring demands that push operations to continue at optimum levels and running costs at the bare minimum.

With ThroughPut’s AI-driven capabilities, Automotive Leaders can create game-changing business impact using relevant capacity planning and utilization tools. This helps drive continuous supply chain improvement for demand-capacity balanced operations.

High levels of equipment effectiveness by eliminating deep-rooted bottlenecks that hinder the seamless flow of output

A single window of visibility to boost the process traceability and reduce the likelihood of recalls

Timely insights into manufacturing process flow stages that can help reduce defects and recall significantly

Smart, intuitive, and intelligent analytical insights help manage strategic materials effectively to gain real-time inventory visibility and avoid disruptions

Fueling your Operations Engine with Absolute Business Value


Boost in labor productivity

42+ best in class

Operations Management Heuristics for driving the best operations decisions


Increase in Working Capital & Earnings-Per-Share in real-time

Operational bottlenecks Artificial Intelligence

e-Book: Eliminate Supply Chain Bottlenecks using AI

Bring the power of AI-driven analytics on your plant floor to increase uptime, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity and throughput.

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