Future-Proof Demand Planning Strategies To Cut Down Over & Under Stocking Of Product Assortments

Visibility across Upstream and Downstream Retail Operations

Get early insights into risks to measure the impact and plan accordingly

Flawless Store Execution

Efficient in store collaboration with seamless flow of materials - pricing and promotion and discount strategies-

Demand planning based heading

Strategize with strong demand planning by predicting and delivering on time and effectively balance demand and supply

Achieve Success Across Retail Supply Chains with Aligned S&OP

ThroughPut’s AI-powered platform radically enables manufacturers to meet customer demand on time and accelerate material flow, right from the upstream to the downstream.

Demand Sensing

Use historical sales patterns to create a picture of true demand used for evaluating lost sales opportunities and uncovering new executable insights.

Capacity Planning

Plan capacity based on demand patterns without overstocking or understocking of inventory.

Distribution & Logistics

Use a combination of business rules mapping and ML pattern extraction, to dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs, lost sales opportunities, and more.


Use a high level assessment of the financial state and health of the business to focus the user’s attention on the specific metrics to improve for healthy continuous profitability as well as extract the most earning potential front their business.

Gavriella Schuster

Corporate vice president | Microsoft

   ThroughPut delivers timely solutions that solve the complex supply chain challenges that businesses around the world face – from communicating and collaborating virtually to helping customers realize their full potential with existing data.   

Integrated Demand Planning, Supply Optimization and Capacity Fulfillment

ThroughPut’s AI-powered Software Suite provides real-time insights to accurately forecast and plan demand while smoothly catering to the sudden shifts in the market. By effectively harnessing the power of AI, ThroughPut helps optimize the fresh food supply chain while ensuring accurate replenishment when needed and delivering instant inventory management across retail distribution centres.

Case Study

Global Apparel Giant Leverages AI to Optimize Discounts, Identify Missed Sales Opportunities, Prevent Stockouts, and Maximize Margins During Holiday Season

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Plan Capacity for your Retail Operations

  • Up to 5x Forecast efficiency for multi channel and matrix retail structures
  • Up to 3x Sense, analyze, plan and shape demand accurately
  • 20% Optimal capacity + resource utilization

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