Optimized Logistics Operations with Intelligent Analytics

Efficient Fleet Management

 AI-driven supply chain visibility into end-to-end inbound and outbound operations across DC

Intelligent Warehouse Operations

Maximize throughput with demand-focused fulfillment cycles

SKU Performance and Ranking

Real-time insights and impact analysis of logistics performance based on route and shipment type

Optimizing the Flow of People, Goods and Services with AI

The logistics industry is under a massive flux. Mounting consumer expectations, pressure on revenue margins and a surge of new technologies are pushing fleets to operate at breakneck speed. Artificial intelligence can help fine-tune core logistics strategies, to enhance real-time decision making related to issues like availability, costs, inventories, carriers, vehicles and personnel. These valuable insights are being used to reduce breakdowns while cutting fuel spend and unplanned maintenance costs.

WIth ThroughPut’s AI engine, you can make the best use of your drivers’ time using the already existing truckloads of data.

Demand-Driven Manufacturing ExcellenceStarts Right Here

Use AI-driven intelligence with real-time visibility amidst uncertain demand-supply dynamics

Address the “When, where, and how?” to get holistic visibility and make better and more informed longer-term, strategic choices, such as warehouse locations, fleet size/specifications.

Predict inventory requirements and eliminate bottlenecks that can cause over-stocking or under-stocking of inventory

Create and implement an effective logistics strategy

Making your Fleets Profitable with All-Round Operational Efficiencies


Faster Insights for improved Lead Times, Defect Rates & Cycle Times

Up to 50X

Realization of initial ROI

Up to 200%

Boost your fleet Output

Automotive Artificial Intelligence Case Study

CASE STUDY : Japanese Automaker Realises Savings of $1.1M with ThroughPut Inc

ThroughPut, through its AI-driven product ELI, specially designed for automatically identifying and solving bottlenecks, enabled a leading Japanese automaker to identify processes that can be fully automated via robotics by running an evaluation of its casting process performance.

Automotive Artificial Intelligence Case Study

Run Supply Chain on Autopilot : The Next Wave After End-to-End Visibility

Join FreightWaves Lead Economist, Anthony Smith and ThroughPut how companies can use AI in supply chains to identify gaps throughout the shipping process and prioritize actionable recommendations.

Logistics Insights

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