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Cement & Building Materials

How to build the business case for AI-powered demand planning in the cement industry


Logistics & Transportation

How AI Can Help Overcome the “Great Supply Chain Disruption

Global Trade

Ports & Maritime Transportation

How to Make Cargo Movement More Sustainable and Efficient


Logistics & Transportation, Ports & Maritime Transportation

Logistics Technology Trends in Task Automation


Logistics & Transportation, Ports & Maritime Transportation

Will the choked ports of 2021 snap back to normal in 2022?


Retail, Retail Groceries

From Packed Ports To Empty Store Shelves: How We Can Solve The US Supply Chain Snarl

Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Supply Chains to Replenish Critical Parts On-Time-In-Full

Food & Beverage

How Some Food Companies Lean on Artificial Intelligence to Address Supply Chain Bottlenecks


Supply Chain Planning & Management

Supply chain trends in 2022: Are you ready to beat the heat?



Hitting the sweet spot of pricing in retail quicksand

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