Replenishment Planning Software

Working with the team of experts at ThroughPut, will help us together enable large corporations, logistics operations, and military environments to maneuver bottlenecks and efficiently reroute supply chain disruptions on large scales and greater orders-of-magnitude.

Brigadier General USAF
Ronald.E.Jolly, SR

Replenishment planning that
adapts to Demand Uncertainty

Optimize inventory

Take the guesswork out of demand planning with automated material replenishment software that recommends precise quantities down to the SKU level. Factor in real-time demand and supply dynamics for razor-sharp forecasts, so that you never overstock or understock again.

high-value sales

Leverage point of sale data to sense demand and generate automatic early warning signals for replenishment. Identify “hot” products to intelligently prioritize auto-replenishment and maximize revenue.

Continuously exceed sales
target and service levels

Rapidly analyze product demand by SKU and location to identify shifts in real time. Factor in changes in demand signals and supply chain constraints and affect incremental, end-to-end changes across the supply chain to continuously meet and exceed expectations.

replenishments costs

Leverage demand-driven replenishment planning to optimize network flow, reduce lead times, and streamlinereplenishment costs. Gain supply chain agilityand a critical competitive edge by eliminating stockouts and accelerating availaibility.

How ThroughPut’s Replenishment
Planning Works

Automate inventory
management process

Optimize inventory and automate replenishment based on demand, factoring in distribution center (DC) and store capacities and other operational constraints.

Accelerate inventory
productivity and minimize
lost sales

Forecast demand at local, regional, or global levels based on a variety of internal and external drivers including trends, promotions, seasons, special dates, holidays, and weather changes.

Material & Resource

Plan material flow around changing bottlenecks & real-time demand fluctuations. Predict material availability in time to mitigate risks and maximize operational performance. Manage near-term material flows to ensure right inventory within manageable lead times.

Case Study

Stabilizing the Heaving Cement Industry:

Jim Schulte

Former CIO of ConAgra

ThroughPut’s AI enabled speed of making existing data from multiple siloed systems for useful information was breathtaking. This allows every company to minimize the barriers to implement AI at enterprise scale.   

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ThroughPut

Increased on-shelf

Real-time visibility into supply
chain, inventory, inventory in
transit, sales, and more enables
automatic, intelligent,
demand-driven replenishment
recommendations for optimal
inventory levels.

Optimized inventory

Leverage fully automated
allocation and replenishment,
monitor key business metrics,
and set up preventive alerts to
identify critical inventory
levels. Set realistic production –
and optimal distribution –
targets to meet market needs.

Maximize supply
chain efficiency

Accurately fulfill orders every
day by setting replenishment
and distribution targets that
create a perfect “pull.” Focus
on driving improvements that
deliver the maximum value to
the financial bottom line.

Make Your Supply Cain
Planning Demand-Drive