[Infographic] Plan the Road Ahead: Seven Game-Changing Supply Chain Trends of 2023

April 17, 2023 · 1 minute
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In the last three years, uncertainty has shown up, time and again, as an uninvited guest at supply chain leaders’ doors.

Constant chaos, rude shocks, and a general lack of control had become the norm for almost everyone in this space.

So if you’re hoping for some normalcy this year, that’s quite understandable.

This normalcy, though, may not come from the absence of turmoil.

The world continues to be unpredictable.

Think about it. Another Suez canal-like disruption, geopolitical crisis, climate change catastrophe – these are not things you or I can predict or have control over.

What we can have control over though is, how our supply chains respond to these times of disruption.

And the starting point for any great response is our preparedness.

Here are seven things about the future of the supply chain that, we think, will help you be more prepared and responsive.

The seven supply chain trends above were first discussed by Ali H. Raza, CEO at ThroughPut.ai during a collaborative webinar with Florian Güldner, Managing Director, Advisory Group. You can watch the full webinar here and listen to the trends from 29:30 minutes onwards. Alternatively, you can read our in-depth article on LinkedIn.

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Anita Raj
Product Marketing Specialist