ThroughPut.AI Demonstrates the ROI of a Digital Supply Chain to Captivate the Audience at the Air Cargo Conference

September 19, 2019 · 5 minutes
By Tina
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PALO ALTO and SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supply Chain pioneer that enables operations to increase output, quality, throughput, profitability, and safety through automated bottleneck detection and elimination, participated at the Frankfurt Air Cargo Conference at the House of Mobility and Logistics (HOLM). Presenting  to over 220 high-ranking managers and ground handling agents of the air freight industry, Anzar Kamdar, Head of Industrial Data Science at ThroughPut.AI explained that “95% of unresolved production issues are triggered by bottlenecks. Yet despite the advent of data-driven IoT and AI-powered solutions, too many organizations still follow obsolete, manual, and reactive approaches to resolutions, costing them precious time, resources and money.” He further went on to present the business case of ThroughPut.AI’s ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) product, ELI, that can detect, identify, prioritize and prevent potential bottlenecks, saving millions in unscheduled downtime, unpredictable lead-times, unforseen inventory variances, staffing shortages, higher costs and lost revenues.

The Air Cargo Conference, organized by HAUS61 and hosted by the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt eV, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, the Rhine-Main University of Applied Sciences, Fraunhofer IML, and Hessen Aviation brings together practitioners and researchers in the air cargo industry to discuss and deliberate on the latest developments being experienced by the sector. In response to the growing digitization trend, the agenda for this fourth Air Cargo Conference was to discuss the impact and future of digitization in the air cargo industry and how to stay ahead of the shifting landscape by leveraging strategic implementations of innovative technologies.

Attendees for whom the Air Cargo Conference has become an integral part of their professional calendars actively engaged in discussions around Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities it offers the air freight industry for levering their existing data to enable operational improvements and become more competitive. The Air Cargo industry’s impact on the environment was also brought up on priority with a collective pledge being taken to better leverage technology to spearhead the ‘Climate-comes-first’ movement with more efficient operations and smaller footprints. The pledge also resonates with ThroughPut.AI’s mission of eliminating $10 Trillion dollars of global industrial waste annually by fostering sustainable operations that are more efficient while also saving money for more productive uses. The Air Cargo Conference was an opportunity for ThroughPut.AI to demonstrate the value of ELI and urge the industry to experience firsthand the additional ROI that can be achieved by eliminating pesky operational bottlenecks to free-up working capital.

The conference witnessed scholars from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences presenting academic findings with regards to the change that is being triggered in the air cargo industry by e-commerce sectors, with several leading start-ups, including ThroughPut.AI, introducing the attendees to solutions that can efficiently improve contemporary air cargo processes. A general concensus around the massive impact that small, innovative companies can have on the industry prevailed with several industry experts agreeing that it is this entrepreneurial spirit that will enable the industry to make its next big leap. Speaking about the conference, Anzar Kamdar, Head of Industrial Data Science at ThroughPut.AI said, “ThroughPut.AI is thankful to HAUS61 and the Frankfurt Air Cargo Community for having given us the opportunity to present to such a prestigious congregation of air freight professionals. In April 2019, less than a dozen fledgling companies from the logistics industry came together to develop new solutions and concepts in logistics under one roof: HAUS61. The goal was to bring larger logistics companies and startups together to promote the development of new ideas on a transforming landscape. It is an honor for Silicon Valley-based ThroughPut.AI to be actively innovating with such a prestigious group of logistics leaders in our German and European operations.””

About HAUS61:

HAUS61 is a logistics startup LAB that creates a platform for networking between logistics startups and established logistics companies. Located in the Main Metropolis of Frankfurt, the LAB offers many opportunities to work, learn and connect with contemporaries, client partners and investors. HAUS61’s strong partnership base includes Fraport, Sovereign, Logistics4Pharma, QCS, Air France KLM, MartinAir, HOLM, and Cargosoft to name a few. The Rhein-Main University and the Frauenhofer Institute. Air Cargo Conferences are organized under the same umbrella of initiatives by HAUS61.

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About ThroughPut Inc.:

ThroughPut Inc. is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Operations pioneer that enables companies to leverage their existing data systems to increase output, quality, and profitability through bottleneck elimination. ThroughPut..AI Operations AI Product, ELI, includes the only Bottleneck Management System (BMS) that utilizes existing enterprise databases, such as ERP, MES, IMS, TMS, WMS, PLC, EAM, POS, CRM, SCADA and other data systems, to solve the bottleneck problem across global end-to-end supply chains already today. Such bottlenecks are the main contributor to the $10 Trillion dollars of annual global production waste that could otherwise be dedicated to more productive and useful purposes. ThroughPut.AI’s systems are designed by Fortune 500 geo-market logistics leaders, Silicon Valley analytics and AI experts, and top global operations experts in the areas of Lean Manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints, Supply Chain Automation, Total Quality Management, and over 40 other leading best practices now digitized in the ELI product, with hundreds of years of combined experience in the space. ELI thinks like an operations manager and automatically provides domain expertise, executable insights, quantitative cost-benefit analysis, and recommendations in real-time, which current static Business Intelligence and Analytics tools do not effectively capture nor act upon. ThroughPut.AI’s dynamic insights include real-time resource allocation recommendations, granular root cause identification, and operational process stability analysis. ELI enables Process Improvement Experts and Operations Managers to reduce cycle times and operational unpredictability across some of the most advanced process industries, including automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation, aerospace & aviation, chemical processing, energy, and others.

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