ThroughPut Inc Appoints Manufacturing Operations & Industrial Transformation Leader Eric West to Advisory Board

May 11, 2021 · 4 minutes
By Tina
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Director of Technology Partnerships at Ford joins ThroughPut Advisory Board to accelerate product innovation and business growth

PALO ALTO, Calif., May. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the Industrial AI Supply Chain pioneer, today announced the addition of Eric West to its Board of Advisors. Eric West is known for his extraordinary contributions pushing manufacturing technology frontiers across Transportation for  Mobility, Robotics, Aviation, Defense and Industrial Transformation, while developing business models and corporate strategies for this new millennium.  

With the pandemic gripping global supply chains, the manufacturing world is faced with the unprecedented need for timely and innovative supply chain solutions. Industrial software that provides real-time insights to improve material flow across global supply chain networks are the highest priority for market leaders and aspirants. Manufacturers are actively steering away from the traditional shop floor practices that are manual, time-intensive, error-prone, and instead moving towards real-time production and inventory management using AI on their existing data systems  to streamline their operations and free cash flow. ThroughPut enables such global technology leaders to leverage AI on disparate data sets to accelerate the modernization of industrial operations. 

“We are pleased to welcome Eric West to Throughput’s Advisory Board”, announced Ali Raza, the CEO of ThroughPut Inc. “Eric’s transformational ideas and deep understanding of system integrations and capabilities will help strengthen ThroughPut’s roadmap and further accelerate our innovation strategy. His visionary business acumen across the transportation spectrum will also help ThroughPut further identify and develop key strategic partnerships to open new revenue streams.”

“I remain truly inspired by the way ThroughPut’s AI Software, ELI, is able to unify data from disparate sources and produce actionable insights to deliver holistic results with complete visibility across the entire value stream” expressed Eric. “As AI Resiliency has become a true differentiation in business, and as our understanding of what it means to be resilient has matured, it has also become a multi-headed hydra of a challenge to commit to improving supply chains, manufacturing and operations. I look forward to working with the ThroughPut team on enhancing exceptional supply chain technology to produce confidence in not just forecasting through greater transparency, but true demand sensing for improved real-time demand pull and the subsequent democratization of communications across internal and external owners and partners alike.” said Eric. 

Seth Page, ThroughPut’s Chief Operations Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships at ThroughPut Inc. added,“At ThroughPut, we are focusing on enhancing our product capabilities using strategic inputs and innovation suggestions from our esteemed Advisory Board Members, as well as other leading domain experts including our investors, partners, R&D teams, and customer feedback. Eric understands the complex nuances of factory floor operations and how they play a role in the highly-interconnected, multi-nodal, systemic” end-to-end Supply Chain. Equally as important, he understands the drivers and connectivity from the operationally-managed shop-floor, up to the financial-managed top-floor.”

Eric’s career started on the manufacturing floor of the BLACKHAWK Helicopter, and moved towards DARPA-funded R&D projects and now more lately in external-focused resources across open innovation at Harman, professional services at Samsung, and strategic technology partnerships at Ford. Originally an aerospace engineer for 12 years, Eric learned how to impart structure around ideas that transform them into solutions in mobility across the transportation industry. His work is inspired by the learnings from exploring new mechanical engineering and robotics principles in the R&D lab. It was Eric’s curiosity in translating these skills into making a larger impact on business that led him to pursue an MBA. Eric holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.

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ThroughPut Inc. is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supply Chain pioneer that enables companies to optimize their Operations by leveraging their existing Data Systems to increase Output, Quality and Profitability across their entire enterprise. ThroughPut’s AI software, ELI, includes the only Bottleneck Management System (BMS) that utilizes existing enterprise data systems, such as ERP, MES, IMS, TMS, WMS, PLC, EAM, POS, CRM, SCADA, Historian, and other data systems, to solve for the $25 Trillion of annual Waste across global supply chains already today. Such constraints to the $90 Trillion global Economy could otherwise be dedicated to more productive, useful and sustainable purposes for the benefit of all stakeholders and communities. ThroughPut’s AI software is designed by Fortune 500 Supply Chain & Logistics leaders, Silicon Valley AI and Analytics pioneers, and top global Operations Experts in the areas of the Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Automation, Total Quality Management, and over four-dozen other leading best practices now digitized as part of the ELI software, with hundreds of years of hands-on experience in the space.

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