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Supply Chain

AI-Driven Demand Sensing in Supply Chain

AI-Driven Demand Sensing in Supply Chain – Are You Doing it Right? Did you know…


Intelligent Capacity Planning Starts with Accurate Demand Sensing

Today‚Äôs multidimensional supply chains have a string of overlapping stages with interconnected complexities. Capacity planning…

Supply Chain

5 Ways to Get Closer to Your Customers With Demand Sensing

What if your current data could tell you which perishables would be in high demand…

Food & Retail

5 Demand Forecasting Challenges Decaying your Fresh Produce

Demand forecasting is the kernel of stable food supply for every supermarket retailer. It becomes…

Supply Chain

Introducing ThroughPut Demand Sensing : Your Toolkit for a Resilient & Agile Supply Chain

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. How familiar does this sound? Little…

Food & Retail

How Food Retailers can Better Predict Near-Term Demand during COVID-19

Food Retail is all about working with speed, striving for agility, and mastering the art…

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