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Top 5 Use Cases of New-age Demand Planning and Forecasting Solutions

The supply chain world can now be easily categorized into phases – Pre-covid and Post-covid….

The Ultimate Guide to Demand Sensing for Accurate Demand Planning

Supply chain planning that is purely based on forecasts is no longer relevant in today’s…

[Infographic] Plan the Road Ahead: Seven Game-Changing Supply Chain Trends of 2023

Trends in supply chain 2023 (infographic) In the last three years, uncertainty has shown up,…

Food & Beverage

Fruitless Efforts: 5 Demand Forecasting Challenges Causing Fresh Produce to Decay on Shelves

Accurate demand forecasting is the kernel of stable food supply for every supermarket retailer. It…

Logistics & Transportation, Supply Chain Planning & Management

Unlocking the Value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chains and Logistics

Speed in decision-making. Speed in reducing cycle-times. Speed in operations. And, speed in continuous improvement….

Supply Chain Planning & Management

Enabling an End-to-End Efficient Supply Chain Plan for Operational Success

A strategic supply chain plan involves the optimizing of the delivery of goods and services…

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