ThroughPut – SAP Integration: Unlock New Possibilities With Your SAP Data

November 30, 2023 · 4 minutes
ThroughPut is now avaialble to SAP users to prioritize product and customer mix
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One of the oldest and most significant challenges of supply chain management has been the uninterrupted delivery of materials. Before, through, and beyond COVID-19, this story has stubbornly stayed the same – if not gotten worse. Everything is literally a material flow problem – what to produce, how much to produce, where to produce and ship, when to ship, how much to ship, and even how to ship.

Plus, all this has to be done at the least delivery and logistics cost to maximize revenue and margin!

That’s exactly why has launched its new SKU Rationalization solution – exclusively integrated with SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Data warehouse cloud and SAP ERP software – to empower SAP customers with the ability to generate rapid free cash flow improvements by optimizing their product mix to perfectly match demand.

By leveraging and enriching existing transactional data from SAP S/4HANA and earlier editions, the ThroughPut Supply Chain SKU Rationalization solution enables SAP users just like you to gain holistic visibility into the current, end-to-end state of your supply chain operations; and that too, in an easily digestible format with prioritized recommendations in terms of decreasing impact on free cash flow. This creates a critical supply chain leverage, essentially transforming standard supply chain operations into potential profitability opportunities.

Let’s further understand how this works.

How Does ThroughPut-SAP Integration Work?

ThroughPut’s Supply Chain SKU Rationalization offers you and every SAP customer five purpose-built screens to enhance material and free cash flow.

Multi-dimensional Customer Segmentation

Proactively track shifts in customer-mix to react faster and identify root causes for the shifts that need to be addressed by your commercial team.
Customer Segmentation on ThroughPut

This screen will help you segment customers across multiple dimensions – such as sales revenue/volume, contribution margin, etc. – to highlight the most desirable customer mix to drive profitability. 

It also analyzes the supporting product categories that drive demand for top customers, thus, highlighting timely root causes for shifts in customer mix and demand.

As a result, you can view demand through the lens of contribution margin impact and dynamically reset priorities to achieve the maximum outcomes.

Geospatial and Volume-based Material Flow Overview

Material flow analysis powered by geospatial and volume based view
Material Movment View on ThroughPut

Empowered by geospatial data layered over volume-based views of material movement and material flow analysis, you can easily and rapidly identify bottlenecks – even entire routes – that are not meeting customer expectations, and are, in fact, slowing business down.

You can then identify improvement areas that can drive maximum revenue and profitability, reduce supply chain costs, and mitigate supply chain risks, while continuously improving operational efficiency and contribution margins – as well as reducing waste.

Supply Chain SKU Rationalization

Stay in the know with accurate real-time product-mix intelligence to measure performance and improve service levels
SKU Rationalization View on ThroughPut

You can also leverage ThroughPut’s powerful AI capabilities to derive unbeatable SKU rationalization insights from SAP datasets across functions (procurement, finance, demand planning, sales, logistics, marketing, and distribution). Thus, you gain the ability to effectively manage fluctuations during peak demand events such as store openings, product launches, seasonal promotions, and holidays.

By drilling demand down by store, route, SKU, demand, On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) deliveries, and lost opportunities, you can accurately forecast and plan demand, optimize product mix, and better match global supply and capacity to local demand.

Rapid Supply Chain Diagnostics

Quickly identify and resolve major bottlenecks that prevent you from capturing full market potential
Material Flow View on ThroughPut

ThroughPut Supply Chain SKU Rationalization also enables you, as an SAP customer, to link demand priorities with real operational capabilities by uncovering bottlenecks and identifying the best way to bridge gaps and accelerate outcomes.

You can thus optimize supply chain operational processes across the entire value chain, and proactively minimize risks by driving tighter collaboration across stakeholders.

Enhance Forecasting Accuracy and Responsiveness with Demand Sensing

Accelerate short and near-term demand forecasting accuracy to act on a daily basis
Demand Forecast View on ThroughPut

Finally, you can also leverage razor-sharp demand sensing capabilities to accurately predict near and short-term demand and inform operations on a daily basis. You can augment demand data with additional datasets to further improve accuracy and create leading indicators for future demand changes, allowing you to plan reliable operations in the long term.

By automatically analyzing real-time shifts and predicting demand, you also benefit from intelligent recommendations on promotions aimed at clearing out inventory backlog, further freeing up cash flow.

Benefits of ThroughPut Supply Chain SKU Rationalization

With, SAP customers can leverage existing transactional data captured by their systems via APIs or SAP Business Data Warehouse to rapidly diagnose and quantify opportunities for improvement, and identify actions targeted to have the maximum impact on earnings per share. Our powerful, holistic supply chain visibility, coupled with prioritized actionable insights and recommendations drive the fastest material and free cash flow improvements at global, regional and local levels.

Rapidly increase free cash flow

Rapidly identify and prioritize improvement areas that drive the maximum service level, potential revenue and profitability improvements, at the least, supply chain costs.

Minimize SKU complexity

Highlight top-performing and under performing SKUs, precisely predict demand, and maximize customer satisfaction by delivering on time, in full – and at the right time, right place, and right quantity.

Proactively minimize risks

Forecast demand trends accurately and predict future demand patterns to dynamically adapt product mix and service availability.

Get results in weeks, not months

Leverage pre-built integrations and mappings to realize rapid return on investment, boost revenue, grow margins, and accelerate uninterrupted flow of operations.

ThroughPut Supply Chain SKU Rationalization for SAP customers provides powerful supply chain visibility and actionability across siloed and disparate supply chain functions to rapidly identify, prioritize, and link supply chain transformation initiatives with the maximum financial impact to overall business unit – or business – net profit. ThroughPut is proud to be an SAP Partner listed on the SAP Store, and excited to empower new and existing SAP customers to accelerate material and free cash flow by leveraging their SAP data along with other relevant data for intelligent, customized recommendations aimed at delivering the maximum ROI.

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