Amidst record momentum, ThroughPut Inc. raises $6M in Angel Funding to accelerate Supply Chain Transformation 

April 21, 2022 · 5 minutes
ThroughPut Inc. Announces New Demand Sensing AI Capabilities to Accelerate Material Flow Amidst Supply Chain Uncertainty
By Tina
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Optimizing Over 40 Million Operational Processes for Clients worldwide across billions of rows of data to win over 12 Industry Awards and preparing for Series A Investment

PALO ALTO, Calif., April. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  ThroughPut Inc., the Supply Chain AI Optimization pioneer, today announced the culmination of a spectacular period of market growth, industry awards and new customer acquisition. These accomplishments have been empowered following oversubscribed Angel Funding of some $6 million from industry angels, domain experts, Family Offices, Industry Executives, experienced GPs, Advisors and Thought-Leaders seeped in Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Industrial Finance. The Silicon Valley based company with a global client footprint has been blazing its way into high-demand industry verticals and markets that have been especially affected by the global pandemic and seeking market advantage through supply chain AI optimization with advanced analytics, visibility and actionability. ThroughPut has charted immense growth while being honored with a slew of over 12 awards in the past year, as the team chisels away at the $22 Trillion in annual Supply Chain Waste endemic in the $94 Trillion global Economy. To accelerate the company’s growth, fuel even faster product development, scale the organization and capture more of the $22 billion Supply Chain Management software market with leading-edge innovation bar none, ThroughPut has announced its Series A financing round.
The ThroughPut platform actively supports organizations around the globe, including some of the largest food processing, packaging, building materials, cement, retail and government entities in the world. ThroughPut Supply Chain Optimization software leverages AI on clients’ existing data to analyze, visualize and offer actionable recommendations for the greatest positive impacts and prioritization to their businesses. At a time when global supply chain disruptions have become rampant and market shifts have become increasingly unpredictable, ThroughPut focuses on end-to-end supply chain optimization to ensure long-term business resiliency and predictability. With this vision, the ThroughPut’s software has already optimized over 40 million operational processes across clients’ global supply chain networks to minimize the wastage of resources and drive sustainable solutions. Today, many of the world’s leading brands work with ThroughPut towards achieving superior business, financial, operational and sustainability results, including:

  • Assist US air defense achieve end-to-end supply chain optimization and heightened autopilot accuracy, mission preparedness and sustainment
  • AI-Powered Demand Sensing and Segmentation for a top global Port Operator to uncover additional Revenue and Savings opportunities amidst port disruptions 
  • Top Cement and Building Materials Leader in The Americas leverages ThroughPut Supply Chain AI Optimization to analyze, identify, and quantify inefficiencies across multiple business units, and provide AI-recommendations for greater business results
  • An S&P 1200 leading manufacturer and retailer of food products to optimize supply chains on a SKU, Store & Route-level basis

“Over the past years, we’ve seen nearly every conceivable kind of supply chain disruption, from port congestion, canal blockages and cyber attacks, to those caused by natural disasters such as the global pandemic, hurricanes, fires and floods,” said Ali Raza, Founder and CEO of ThroughPut. ​ “The best way to cut down on cost, effort, and waste is to work backward from your true customer demand and match that with your actual capacity, to ensure that all operations are aligned to optimally cater to your real supply chain reality. Mere supply chain visibility can’t help you pull this off, you need AI-enabled actionability. That’s why ThroughPut is all about proactively predicting demand and finding real-time fixes around shifting bottlenecks to help businesses ensure that they order, produce, stock, and distribute the right amount of the best products with current lead times on a consistent basis.”

With its iconic vision and execution, ThroughPut has been honored by over a dozen awards in 2021 alone, including Food Logistics’ “Top Green Provider of 2021”, Cemex Ventures Top 50 Construction Tech Startups, “Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solution Companies of 2021” by Manufacturing Tech Insights Magazine, Top 10  Supply Chain Solutions Companies by Logistics Tech Outlook, Food Logistics’ Top 10 Software & Tech Award, and more. 

“In such unpredictable times, stability is of utmost importance, and ThroughPut affords businesses the world over the capabilities to look ahead, proactively predict demand, and plan for how to meet it – all the while affording them the flexibility to leverage prevailing market conditions and maximize the value they deliver to their customers,” said Anita Raj, VP of Product Marketing of ThroughPut. “Our recent awards and industry recognition underscore our massive customer impact, product innovation and in turn sets the foundation for solid, continued growth as we head into our Series A round of funding.” 

“It would be an understatement to say that we’re delighted by the progress ThroughPut has achieved – it’s no mean feat to expand your KPI’s during such uncertain times,” said Seth Page, COO of ThroughPut. “Moving beyond mere contemporary analytics, business intelligence and visibility tools, into actionability and predictability with ThroughPut AI, businesses can foresee, manage and mitigate supply chain disruptions, allowing them to instead focus on seamless business planning and execution of their core business. With ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI Optimization empowering companies to leverage their disparate data systems, ThroughPut’s partners now have the ability to extend their own offerings and enhance them with new mission-critical capabilities to support their own clients’ ever-evolving needs. With direct API access with some of the largest platforms in the world, ThroughPut is adding Supply Chain AI Optimization, Visibility and Actionability to our strategic partner offerings. ThroughPut’s Series A will further accelerate these greater Supply Chain AI Optimization capabilities via APIs to clients, partners, the military, other government organizations and contractors.” 

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About ThroughPut Inc is a Silicon Valley-based Supply Chain AI leader that extends visibility into actionability by tapping into existing data to accelerate sustainable material flow, free-cash-flow, logistics distribution and higher OTIFs. ThroughPut puts operational improvements on autopilot to optimize costs, reduce CO2 emissions and grow efficiencies across end-to-end value chains. By way of ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI Orchestration software that sits on top of existing data architectures, ThroughPut improves material flow and free-cash-flow across the entire end-to-end value chain more than 5-times faster than leading contemporary solutions. The founding team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs with real-world AI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation and Operational experience, from the shop-floor to the top-floor, at leading Fortune 500 Industrial Companies & pioneering Enterprise Technology companies.

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