ThroughPut Welcomes Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications and Technology Heavy-weights, Dr. Hagen Hultzsch and Robert Alpert, to its prestigious Board of Advisors

March 21, 2019 · 4 minutes
By Tina
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MENLO PARK, Calif., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc., the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supply Chain pioneer that enables operations to increase output, quality, throughput, safety, and profitability through automated bottleneck elimination, announced the latest addition to its active and prestigious Board of Advisors, Dr. Hagen Hultzsch and Mr. Robert Alpert.  As former Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Telekom, CIO and Director at Volkswagen, President and Board Member at ICANN, and Board Member and Advisor to many highly successful international technology startups, Dr. Hultzsch brings on board extensive experience across multiple global industries and disciplines that have been evolving towards Industry 4.0, Big Data and the AI sector for decades.

Mr. Alpert joins Dr. Hultzsch with a distinguished career in dozens of industrial transactions,  financings, roll-ups, spin-offs and start-ups, including steel companies and other diverse companies such as Tubular Corporation of America, Interlock Technologies Corp, Diamond Shamrock, Babcock & Wilcox,  Federal Steel and Wire, Republic Waste and it’s initial subsidiary, AutoNation, Land N’ Sea, Aviation Sales Corp, Ifco,  Mainstreet Capital Partners & more recently over a dozen technology firms under AZ Digital Farms, including nuOrder Technologies and CollegiateParent, as well as investments in transformative companies in the mobile and eCommerce space, such as a mile wallet provider, LoopPay, which was acquired by Samsung.

“The team is privileged to have Hagen and Robert on board,” Mr. Ali Raza, the CEO of ThroughPut Inc. lauded, further noting that, “Executive buy-in is the key to change operational cultures to be pro-actively data-driven, and not reactively impulse-driven. What happens on the frontlines and shop floors gets lost in translation on the way to the C-suite at the top. This disconnect requires us to have a robust team that can capture both perspectives. Robert and Hagen have illustrious leadership careers serving on several dozen boards and experiencing first hand how working capital ultimately impacts the health of a business. This isn’t about what can be extracted from the data, but rather, this is far bigger in scope and Return-on-Investment. ThroughPut is fundamentally changing the future of how industrial work is completed. To do so, ThroughPut has brought on experienced expert Advisors whose depth of experience span multiple roles and who can help navigate forward-leaning companies to eliminate bottlenecks that prevent improvements for people, process, planet and profit.”

“No one is looking out for Operations’ professionals. Everyone is trying to sell the latest tool of the month, without helping Operations hit their actual production targets and ultimately eliminate their bottlenecks. The problem often lies with first enabling the supply chain to empower Operations to do so. The pre-assist, so to speak. Given the dynamic nature of the industry – evolving customer expectations, emerging technologies, and metamorphosing market landscapes – continuously positioning your supply chain for success is crucial. ThroughPut provides the end-to-end value stream map to understand supply chain configuration and performance in real-time. For ThroughPut, Hagen and Robert’s expertise and global networks will further provide the bigger picture and total impact view that comes with executive leadership experience and wisdom,” added Seth Page, the COO and Head of Strategic Partnerships at ThroughPut Inc.

Both, Dr. Hultzsch and Mr. Alpert expressed their pleasure at working with the team again at ThroughPut, where they’ve enabled many successful venture investments, growth and exits in the past. Dr. Hultzsch further explained that “choice, speed, and flexibility are critical for organizations to draw the best benefits from their AI strategy. ThroughPut’s platform, ELI, lets businesses use their multiple datasets in any format and gain instant insights through their powerful AI engines to the areas that cause bottlenecks across their entire supply chain, opening up vast possibilities in end-to-end visibility for the enterprise.” During his tenure, Dr. Hultzsch has also worked with over 20 international start-ups and has also been on the Board of Directors for Frankfurt University among other things.

“Organizations are hoping to enhance the work efficiency of their supply chains by engaging emerging technologies. However, the robustness and reliability of these technologies to deliver accurate results is of utmost importance, and that is what ThroughPut’s platform – ELI – consistently delivers,” added Mr. Robert Alpert, the Chairman of AZ Digital Farm LLC. “I see immense value in the live platform that ThroughPut has built and the 42 heuristics they run multiple industry datasets though in parallel with their AI engine. A barrier-free technological choice that removes unwanted complexities and enables the free flow of data and applications securely across organizations is exactly what this market has been clambering for, especially if you ask leaders and teams in Operations and Supply Chain,” continued Robert who has worked with over 50 industrial companies in his career as an entrepreneur, industrialist, and investor.

About ThroughPut Inc.:

ThroughPut Inc. is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supply Chain pioneer that enables companies to increase output, quality and profitability through bottleneck elimination. ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI Platform, ELI, includes the only Bottleneck Management System (BMS) that utilizes existing enterprise databases, such as ERP, MES, IMS, TMS, WMS, PLC, EAM, POS, CRM, SCADA and other data systems, to solve the bottleneck problem across global supply chains already today. ThroughPut’s systems are designed by Fortune 500 geo-market logistics leaders and Silicon Valley analytics and domain experts with decades of experience in the space. ELI thinks like an operations manager and automatically provides domain expertise, insights, and recommendations in real-time, which current static Business Intelligence and Analytics tools do not effectively capture. ThroughPut’s dynamic insights include real-time resource allocation recommendations, granular root causes, and operational process stability analysis. ELI enables process improvement experts and operations managers to reduce cycle times and operational unpredictability across some of the most advanced process industries, including automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation & aviation, chemical processing, energy, and others.

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