Navigating Production Capacity Planning in 2024: A ThroughPut Solution

January 19, 2024 · 5 minutes
Capacity Planning by ThroughPut
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We’ve come a long way since COVID-19 first hit, haven’t we? 

But let’s be real, “planning for the future” still doesn’t feel like a walk in the park.  Our world is full of surprises – and not always the pleasant kind. Plans can go topsy-turvy overnight. 

For those of us in production capacity planning, this roller coaster has taught us a few things:

  • Demand is likely to keep fluctuating dramatically.
  • Allocating resources for unforeseen circumstances has become critical.
  • The flexibility of working capital in response to customer demand is now a crucial consideration.
  • Understanding the full potential of utilizing spare capacity to drive new sales is essential for maximizing throughput.

The terms of production capacity planning have changed dramatically, exposing the inefficiencies in using excel sheets and manual processes.

Nowadays, getting your hands on a solid capacity planning tool isn’t just nice to have – it’s pretty much a must-have.

Curious about what a good one looks like? Let’s dive into what ThroughPut’s capacity planning module brings to the table.

Optimize Your Production Capacity Planning With ThroughPut

ThroughPut’s AI-driven Capacity Planning module is built in the context of the current world we live in. Its real-time capabilities ensures you’re planning your capacity by considering the constant demand fluctuations, the possibility of disruptions whilst keeping the financial impact in full view. 

The ultimate aim is to maximize throughput using your existing capacity and demonstrate significant financial improvements.

The optimization process with ThroughPut is rather methodical. It starts by integrating various existing data sources (ThroughPut works with what you already have!), laying the foundation for a comprehensive operational overview. 

Optimize Your Production Capacity Planning With ThroughPut

Next, precise capacity thresholds are set, delineating operational limits and potentials. Planning horizons are then selected to define the strategic time frame for capacity assessment. The process culminates in a detailed assessment of production capacity performance, leveraging data to shape future strategies.

Key features of the module include Scenario Planning, Asset Performance Tracking, Inventory Optimization, and Demand and Supply Performance Analysis. These features enable you to evaluate your current capacity against actual demand, manage inventory levels, and identify opportunities lost to sales gaps. 

The module also aids in demand sensing forecasting, allowing you to gauge your ability to meet future demands and identify risks. It offers insights into product impacts due to internal and external constraints and suggests prioritization of resources for optimal throughput. 

A unique feature is also its ability to replay past events, such as historical demand and supply patterns, providing a deeper understanding of asset performance and transforming historical data into actionable insights for strategic planning.

The Benefits of Production Capacity Planning With ThroughPut AI

The Benefits of Production Capacity Planning With ThroughPut AI

Boost Asset Performance Management

With ThroughPut’s production capacity planning module, you can nail down exactly how much workload each of your assets can handle. This means you’re using your equipment to its maximum potential without pushing it too hard.

ThroughPut also helps you plan both your regular maintenance and those sudden, out-of-the-blue fixes. This keeps your equipment running smoothly, cutting down unexpected downtime.

Plus, you get a bird’s-eye view of all your sites and plants, making it super easy to manage work orders. You can assign tasks to the right place at the right time, without being blinded by siloed operations.

And lastly, ThroughPut’s smart scheduling gives you a crystal-clear view of your production schedules, weekly and monthly. This lets you make smart calls on how to use your assets most efficiently, boosting your overall productivity game.

Better Inventory Management

ThroughPut’s production capacity planning gives you precise control over your inventory. It accurately measures, tracks, and suggests when to reallocate your stock. This ensures your inventory levels are always aligned with demand, keeping you well-prepared and efficient.

The tool provides detailed insights for both immediate and future inventory needs. This helps you maintain the right amount of stock at all times, preventing shortages or excesses.

ThroughPut also considers your overall inventory availability and required buffer levels. This is crucial for dealing with unpredictable demand and production timelines, ensuring you consistently meet your sales targets.

Moreover, ThroughPut aligns your inventory with market demands and your financial capabilities, recommending actions based on priority. This approach makes sure your inventory levels are not just sufficient but also financially sound, enhancing your business efficiency.

Effective Product Allocation

ThroughPut helps you identify which machines are best for each product, ensuring they are used efficiently. It maintains the ideal workload on each machine, preventing production issues due to overuse or underuse. This method improves your overall efficiency and leads to a more consistent and reliable production flow.

Higher Throughput

ThroughPut ramps up your asset use, getting more out of your production process. It shows you exactly how your assets are doing – are they underworked, just right, overworked, or burning the midnight oil? This clear picture lets you really get how efficient each asset is.

Plus, ThroughPut is all about making room for more productivity. It guides you on which machines should work on what products, balancing their workload. This way, your machines are used just right, and you’ve got space to take on more work without missing a beat.

Superior Service Levels

ThroughPut really syncs up your production with what the market wants. It helps you set the perfect stock levels to match customer demand. This means your production is always on point with what’s needed out there, making sure you’re using resources wisely and keeping products available.

Plus, ThroughPut gives you a clear view of how your machines are performing on the shop floor. You can see how they’re doing compared to what you planned and what ThroughPut suggests. This kind of insight is key to know if you’re using your assets effectively and following the best strategies.

And the best part? You can make real-time tweaks and improvements, keeping your production not just efficient, but also super responsive to market changes.

Maximizing Efficiency with ThroughPut’s Capacity Planning

So there you have it.

Navigating production capacity planning in 2024 is a whole new ball game, and ThroughPut’s got you covered. From squeezing the most out of every machine and piece of equipment to aligning your inventory with the ever-changing market demands, you’re set to stay ahead of the curve. It’s about being smart with your resources, proactive with your maintenance, and always one step ahead in meeting customer needs.

With ThroughPut’s Capacity Planning module, you’re not just keeping up; you’re setting the pace in a world where adaptability and efficiency aren’t just nice-to-haves, they’re must-haves.

Welcome to the future of capacity planning – streamlined, savvy, and always on point.

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