Top 3 Challenges an AI-enabled supply chain can solve

December 4, 2019 · 2 minutes
By Tina
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AI-Enabled Supply Chain

Even the most valuable and novel technologies find resistance breaking into the supply chain industry. Supply chain leaders are not opposed to new technological innovations, but change does not come easy nor cheap.

These inherent supply chain challenges are why it is essential for supply chain experts to embrace and leverage new technologies

In fact, a failure to embrace new innovations would mean – ‘starting an enterprise down a path toward obscurity and away from relevance’ – a survey by the Material Handling Institute indicated that 80% of industry leaders believed digital supply chains would be the primary model by 2024.

Humans can’t do all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing supply chains. 

However, the current digital solutions aren’t meeting the needs of a rapidly changing and shifting the industry. 

1. Relief From “Logistical Logjams”

Many supply chain experts wonder what enablement with ThroughPut’s ELI platform will look like. It does not involve dramatic organizational shifts or messy, drawn-out integrations.

In fact, data from excel or pulled from controllers add value by shedding light on the existing manufacturing processes. For manufacturers, AI can be used to target the manufacturing process to determine where greater efficiencies can be deployed.

ThroughPut pinpoints a company’s supply chain shifting bottleneck operation, allowing operational leaders to better discover and react to the bottleneck in the appropriate time. 

2. Discovering the Right Problems

“Analysis Paralysis” is a condition decision-makers often suffer because they don’t know which problems to solve. Maximizing Throughput is a key concern across the supply chain industry.

Waste elimination engines, bottleneck identification, and optimization utilizing ML/AI enabled supply chain processing for your existing data sets in real-time are one of the many possibilities.

Today, many top organizations are abandoning cost-centric analyses for time-centric paradigms to remove bottlenecks and drive better results.

3. Advancing “Auditing and compliance”

One of the major supply chain challenges is managing a multitude of unique business rules factoring auditing and compliance. It is a challenge for any enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management or manufacturing management system (WMS). 

New tools will eliminate the need to manually sort this data and identify compliance rules while processing the multitude of data established by the operator. This specifically enables compliance and accountability in auditing and compliance scenarios in real-time and over an entire organization. 

Final Thoughts:

From C-level Executives to Operations Managers on the floor, ThroughPut’s Supply chain planning software is a powerful platform to shift from the historical manual data analytics to a supercharged, artificial intelligence-powered platform that will not only find and fix issues proactively but will also give you powerful end-to-end ai enabled supply chain visibility.

If you believe that your organization is ready to optimize its supply chain, you can begin by taking ThroughPut’s readiness survey. You won’t believe what your organization is wasting.

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