As the traditional port transforms to embrace new value drivers that impact overall outcomes, operational efficiency still tops the ports and terminal priority scorecard, as even minor delays could create a ripple effect disrupting the entire supply chain from shore to shipment. The pandemic has further weighed down the performance of ports worldwide, with minimal workforce available at terminal hubs and fewer shipping containers on the move, thus bringing global port operations to an abrupt halt. 

But, the fact remains that ports cannot afford delays as the repercussions are farfetched.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the cost of empty container logistics including  repositioning, storage and handling, accounts for about 5-8% of today’s terminal operating budgets and the cost to the industry can go upto $20bln annually. The maintenance and repair costs can easily reach 12% of a shipping line’s operating costs. 

The Power of AI-enabled Ports-Ecosystems

AI-driven drill down analytics can offer ports operations, logistics and fleet managers with real-time and demand-driven insights to rapidly spot where operations are lagging, while easily exposing strategic and tactical opportunities for improvement. 

An AI-enabled port ecosystem can lead to effective communication across all touchpoints in the container supply chain, right from cargo owners to terminal operators, to third-party logistics providers and warehouse workers. Using real-time forecasting, operators are able to spot patterns in the logistics supply chain and leverage valuable insights, for greater planning and proven efficiency in the movement of goods.

This helps with delivering tangible outcomes such as:

  • End-to-end visibility into how ports are processing shipments to proactively make changes to fleet operations
  • Seamless communication with Logistics Service Providers and shipping lines for accurate visibility of possible delays
  • Integration with downstream suppliers to help make them aware of when they can expect to receive shipments
  • In-depth reporting on the movement of goods to accelerate decision making and resolve potential issues

In-depth reporting on the movement of goods to accelerate decision making and resolve potential issues

Join ThroughPut at the Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC) and Experience our Leading-Edge Ports Capabilities 

At this year’s Container Terminal Automation Conference, we are showcasing ThroughPut’s advanced AI capabilities which are specifically designed to assess top-line and bottom-line ports and container benefits for better Prioritization, Optimization and Fleet Management.

Our advanced AI-driven Container & Ports Solution ensures:

  • Efficient driver to container pairing using AI predictive modeling and automation.
  • Efficient capacity management using traffic optimization at ports and eliminating redundant routes.
  • Efficient container tracking with complete visibility across the container movement along with real-time updates.

Meet Alla Anashenkova, Head of Product ThroughPut Inc., on 9th March 2022, during the panel discussion on Digitalization – Building upon the pots-pandemic momentum. Alla would be one of the expert speakers on the panel, sharing her views on establishing industry-wide standards to enable full-digitalization and the impact on container terminals. She would also be presenting key perspectives on how digitalisation will mitigate operational risk and provide more opportunities for innovation in terminals. So much more to achieve with minimal investment!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get first hand insights into how terminals can remain agile in the face of changing strategies, processes and the influx of new technologies

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